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S&P lawsuit
I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, and can find a load of links to check, so no particular link.

But a thought: I wonder if this is a First Amendment case? After all, S&P ratings are just opinions about credit-worthiness of various entities. And if I'm not totally off here, the lawsuit is perhaps the most dangerous thing done by the ruling creeps ever....

(I have to admit that I seriously don't like this case... even if First Amendment does not apply, this stinks morally -- the obvious intention is to protect the lies of government statistics -- and counterproductive long term -- power-enforcement of lies never helped any government at the end.)
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They're blaming S&P for "fooling" Bank of America into making all those ridiculous loans the government urged them to.

This case might get tossed by judge not paid off, let's see. It's beyond ridiculous and an obvious attack on S&P for down rating Barack Obama incorporated.
That it is stupid and perhaps vindictive is sure, cf. Hotair...

but can someone opine on the applicability of the 1st Amendment?
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