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What Is A Militia?
Well, I'd like to enjoy things before I die. Can't do that at 3x the price.
You already said that you were set ... so be happy!!

And if that doesn't satisfy, you need to start thinking in the abstract ... do you realize the rate at which we are creating U.S. dollars? Do you really think 2X or 3X has any real meaning anymore?

Here's some Aguilla Gold Eagle .22LR (scroll down) for $64 a brick. It sucks ... but if you really wanna plink, pony up ... and cheer up.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
Yea, I am set. But if I shoot it up, I won't be set, will I? Besides, I guess one is never truly set. I always want one more thing and then another, and then some more of something else.....

Sometime in April, Sportsman's Guide said that 5K of .22 LR Winchester Wildcat bulk purchases will be available. I have my email notification all set up for it, so I am just waiting....waiting..
Also, it looks like Colorado has officially gone to shit with this whole gun law crap.

I cannot stress enough that this is what happens when you let the white flight in to reside in your state. They are a virus, a plague that consumes and destroys. White flight is the worst social phenomena to ever occur, and if requiring a passport to move between states would stop such a thing, then I am all for it.
Yeah, especially if they are fleeing Kalifornia. If they were stupid enough to reside there in the first place, they are almost certain to bring their bad habits with them.

Its like all those Damned Yankees bitching and moaning, and then moving south, so they can pollute another place they think they want to reside. I just wish they would stay where they helped pollute, and stew in their own juices. Oh, and perhaps fix the problem they helped create in the first place.

Idiots. Banghead
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Yep, Colorado is officially more liberal than Minnesota now. They were smart enough to cool off. Hinkenlooper was supposed to have a "panel discussion" today with folks like Ken Buck (lost the Senate race to Michael Bennet) as some sort of token. I don't know what he expected to accomplish. The Senate will pass it and he will rubber stamp it this week.

Here are some highlights:

One 'rat House Member wants women to use whistles to defend against rape and concluded that they are far to edgy, unreliable and emotional to be trusted to carry concealed.

Colorado Universities (where CCW will become illegal) are recommending that women vomit and urinate to defend themselves if attacked on campuses.

Magpul is pulling out of the state and it's departure will likely ruin the injection molding industry up and down the front range.

Most likely Hinkenlooper went down this path because he had aspirations of becoming the next Jackass Presidential nominee ... tough luck Hillary!! I don't f*cking THINK SO!!! He spent two years not looking like a complete retard ... but given his party affiliation, it's always just a matter of time isn't it? The Minnesota Gov. looks like a super-genius in comparison ... I'd lay odds that he'll end up as Hillary's VP pick because apparently HE'S NOT A F*CKING DUMB ASS LIKE OURS.

G4U ... funny story ... I found two scarce calibers on Natchez today for fairly reasonable. I got up to ask a buddy if he wanted me to order and extra box ... when I got back, both were sold out. I figure you check it Monday A.M. ... yesterday was a holiday. Worth a try. They probably get some pittance on a truck early in the week and put it up on the site ... and then it dries up PDQ. They also have 223 dies which are getting rare.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
Colorado is the center of government bureaucracy - possibly as much or more than DC. Almost every government document is printed there, and the support bureaucracy is incredible. It is no wonder it follows the worst political profile.

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