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Islamists and Secularists in Turkey Clash
I think Turkey is in for some real fight in the coming years. This Erdogan is no different than any other Islamist and he's determined to change Turkey's course,IMO. I hope the non idiots prevail,but if they do not,we need to start seriously reviewing our old relationship with Turkey.

You said
Quote:This Erdogan is no different than any other Islamist and he's determined to change Turkey's course.......

Are you more concerned with Islamism than Terrorism?

For one thing, if we look into the backgrounds of terrorists and suicide bombers we see that none of them were true followers of Islam. For one thing somebody who was true Moslem won't commit suicide in any circumstance.

I sympathize with the article written about that secular Turkish professor, unfortunately it also looks like he was a very corrupt man. Him being a secular man should not be an excuse for his corruption.

I myself don't like to see women with head-scarves and veils, but in a true secular society they have the right to wear what they want. Remember that Erdogan's two daughters graduated from American Universities wearing their head-scarves. Why should somebody also not be able to do so in Turkey?

I think the head scarf thing shows Turkey is not a really free nation,that is not my concern. I think the professor is being harrassed because he is hostile openly to Islamism in Turkey's culture.

I could care less what Muslim girls wear or men,I care about freedom and I am not interested in a continuing relationship with a Turkey that acts more like say Saudi Arabia's government. As you know,we deal with them due to oil,if they didn't have it we wouldn't even have an embassy there. Turkey has no oil.

Maybe I am entirely wrong as you know I became jaundiced about Turkey back in 2003,but this sure looks like they are harrassing a secular professor because he openly is opposing their Islamism ideas.

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