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Sites down
(Probably a wrong section, but what is the right one)?

A disturbing trend noticed in January, sites that were quite interesting and in different categories, are being killed.... are we moving toward much more censored Internet?

You make you own conclusion, here are three recent instances:

ScienceFraud.Org --- the site dedicated to exposing fraudulent "scientific work" --- killed with the threats of lawsuits. Google for more, part of the story here.

GatesOfVienna --- one of the better AntiJihad site --- killed by Google it used to host on. No clear explanation on just how the site violated the terms of service. For now, the site was resurrected in its own domain, and being restored.

At the same time in Russia, was blocked by *some unspecified court decision*. This site is intended for self-publishing and probably has 1000+ authors, some work is of very high quality (and gets officially published quickly). May it be some one of the authors wrote something politically incorrect on his page, and the entire house was taken down?

Is there a pattern here?

Notice that i'm not listing pirate sites --- there would have been more cases there beginning with ... and the case of Ann Barnhardt seems to be a case of self-destruction, so let's skip it too.

oh... last but not the least... may it be that the strange episode with AI-Jane just a day ago is somehow connected to the Assault Weapons discussions that proliferate on the site? (Small sites are easy to overflow with DOS attacks...this could have been the first part of the episode, and than the service provider had to take the site off line and broke the tables).... is this too paranoid? (DOS attacks preceded official actions in several cases, including I think
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On the article, "He also says he may set up a legal fund." Probably a good move.

Also, he can go and see what the Institute for Justice will do for him. They are free speech champions, from a Libertarian perspective. The Institute gets a lot of donations from wealthy Libertarians and has a solid track record.
“Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.” - Friedrich von Hayek -
Probably a good move, but I have my doubts he will be able to pull this through.

(IMHO, the idea of having such a site was an excellent one, but there is no danger larger than an enraged thief... errr... scientist)
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