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What kind of sick mind....
... would do this?

[Image: image_731_1.jpg]

This is seriously irritating... especially given that Etheostomas (darters) are about the only interesting native American fish... now, how many of them will end up on a frying pan, just so that someone can say "I fried and ate an obama?". S18

Here is an idea for Gunnen: get a minor in biology, go discover a new tarantula or a like (not as difficult as it may seem) and name it appropriately (Hirudo Obama...sounds so sweet.)

I'm too old for this crap, sadly. S4


Oh...and what Teddy Roosevelt is doing in this asylum?
Sodomia Delenda Est

Help me here.... it is pretty clear that the first Obama naming was done by lib worshipers, But what about this small, insect-eating lizard, from an area called the Hell Creek formation, less than a foot long, elaborate teeth with three cusps on each tooth and a slender jaw, and extinct too.?
Sodomia Delenda Est

I wonder if it had a forked-tongue?
A friend had a colorful fish like that in his college dorm room. We noticed that it tended to admire its own reflection, leading many of us to say it was narcissistic. That would fit with Obama. You can just imagine him saying, like Cassius Clay, "Aren't I beautiful!"
Darters are not narcissistic, and considerably more attractive than O.

Wm, unsure about the lizard, but I think they guy who named it spoke with a forked tongue.

There is also the third (actually, the first) species named after O, and the similarities between O and this thing are striking .

One should check the original paper to see the uncanny way c.obamae grows in nature and learn the truth about the president (sterile, almost extinct, plus Phallus thin chasmolithic crust, often unapparent, verruculose, with thin whitish to hyaline phenocortex -- whatever this means, it is scary!.) S13
Sodomia Delenda Est

I'm not certain if darters are more attractive than Obama, but I am sure that they cause less damage. S5
Snail Darters were on the endangered species list, and thereby protected by all PC groups. Sound familiar?
Yes. They are not the only ones endangered/protected either, a number of species are. Not a big surprise since darters mostly come from Eastern US.

Snail darter is a Percina.... something to explore later, for now I stick to Etheostoma (smaller/more colorful)..... here is the latest acquisition: [Image: fwusnative1354893299.jpg] S2
Sodomia Delenda Est

4th obamazoo installment and it really looks like him:

[Image: article-2251623-169C36A1000005DC-296_634x494.jpg]

Aptostichus barackobamai
Sodomia Delenda Est


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