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Communicationg with comatose patients
The Karen Ann Quinlan and Terri Schiavo cases may be revisited since the near-miraculous interface has been accomplished recently. This story is just one of many popping up..

Patients unable to communicated for two decades have been shown to be lucid and able to answer questions about their states. Scientific American has this article summing up the new state of science. Although it has proven some patients are able to communicate, some cannot. The one question avoided so far has been if the patients want to continue living. Perhaps that should be the first question.
IF I were like that, I would far prefer to live forever in the immediate presence of Christ and not be a continuing burden on anyone than to be stuck immobile in a physical body interminably.

I don't see life as restricted to earth, I see life as eternal, here and eternity. So, I would choose a superior life and want to see my body physically die liberating me from the current earth's restrictions as a believing Christian.

Imagine how hard this is on the poor man?

I had to let my mother and cousin go in these situations. My mother made it clear to, my cousin didn't, I just had to make the call. Both Christians, I have no regrets about either call and I bet neither of them do either.
"... the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality..." (1 Timothy 6:15c, 16a)

Whom God remembers, He can restore to life in the Resurrection from the dead. (See Luke 20:35; Acts 4:2; John 5:28, 29.)

Humans are not naturally immortal. That is a lie of Satan, trying to make us disbelieve God's warning to those who partake of sin, "ye shall surely die." God alone is the Source of all life. To part from Him is to part from life.

Yes, I do think it would be good to ask the comatose if they want to die, with no hope of recovery. Or would not any sane entity prefer to hold on to existence?

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