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Living Off The Dole In Euro-LaLaLand
Here is the sort of thing the Bamster had in mind all along: Nine in ten Scots 'living off state's patronage'. This is very telling as to the failed political economics of the Euros.

When all of these Collectivist Welfare States assume the moral imperative mantle of what belongs in the Private Sector, and the Church, it is easy to see where both the economic and moral foundation of a country slides toward irrelevancy.

Quote:By Simon Johnson, Scottish political editor

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, is to highlight official figures showing that only 283,080 households north of the border – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in tax than they receive in public services.

She will tell delegates that, because the public sector is seen as the key provider of everything from housing to employment, state spending now accounts for more than half Scotland’s wealth.

She will blame Alex Salmond, the SNP First Minister, and his Labour predecessors for nurturing a “corrosive sense of entitlement” among voters that has prevented her party making a comeback in Scotland.

Either way it is slices, The "Public Titty" is alluring, but far more costly than one would imagine. Eventually someone has to pay for all this nipple work, and when the producers stop laying the golden eggs, everything comes crashing down.

And this is not an 'If', but a 'When'. And the US is waddling in the same direction, albeit slightly behind Euro-LalaLand.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Similar figures for the US seem to be hard to get.
Jefferson: I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.

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