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Franchisors warn Obamacare will halve profits
The Examiner

September 14,2012

Paul Bedard


The International Franchise Association held a convention in Washington this week where most of the Radio Shack, Dunkin Donuts, Curves and other franchisers were grumbling about new federal regulations, especially the impact of Obamacare.

2014 is when the hit really happens. All these small businesses and individuals start anteing up. This on top of the tax increases coming from the end of the 2002 tax decrease legislation.

Romney so far appears from afar( I never watch the news, but, I haven't seen it on any news sites on the web yet) to have ignored the massive tax implications of Obama.

It's an easy job to demonstrate the differences, so if he fails. it's on him.
No. Even without the news, you can't have missed Romney's denunciations of Obama's tax burdens. Since both he and Ryan mention it constantly, I don't know how you can think anything's been ignored. Go to his website - something the journalists refuse to do - for more specifics.
Romney Wrote:Individual taxes:
  • Make permanent, across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates
  • Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains
  • Eliminate taxes for taxpayers with AGI below $200,000 on interest, dividends, and capital gains
  • Eliminate the Death Tax
  • Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
Corporate taxes"
  • Cut the corporate rate to 25 percent
  • Strengthen and make permanent the R&D tax credit
  • Switch to a territorial tax system
  • Repeal the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

I would go further and eliminate all Cap Gains taxes - but otherwise, it sounds pretty specific and a good starting point for debating the finer points, neh?

I bet 90% of voters don't "go to websites". They get a rough sense of things. I work with a lady who can't stand Obama, but, she's afraid of Romney because he wants to "get rid of medicare". So, she isn't voting.

Most people don't do research, they have vague notions. He best be getting on the news and the debates screaming about all the looming tax increases, I'd be screaming about Obama forcing Catholics to pay for contraceptives, but, exempting Muslims from the same mandate, stuff like that.
The candidates will spend millions of dollars to publicize their positions. One side will lie, and hit the soap operas and reality shows to grab the marginal attention of those "rough sense of things voters." The media will not play it fair, so don't act like it is anyone's fault but the insiders who think it is their duty to lie through their teeth as long as they win. This target demographic will switch the channel if a Romney ad comes on - so what he says is not the issue.

It is what you say, and to whom you say it that counts. The reason Obama is on Letterman, Fallon, and Leno is to preach to the choir.

IBM has announced that it plans to move about 110,000 retirees off its company health insurance plan and offer a payment to purchase coverage on a private health insurance exchange instead.

More companies will follow IBM's lead to save money.

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