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Is It Time for Defenders of Liberty to Abandon the GOP?
The Dumbass's slide into oblivion continues, as its leadership shows us all what to expect from them in the future.  

Quote:Paul Ryan Accomplishes the Impossible=> Is Now as Unpopular as Nancy Pelosi

Paul Ryan is on a month-long vacation.
But that hasn’t stopped hi from attacking President Trump at least three different times.

Paul Ryan made a 200 day promise to Republican voters to accomplish the Trump agenda.
NONE of that happened. Paul Ryan and Congress have accomplished nothing.

In June Paul Ryan scrapped his 200 day plan and moved tax cuts back to deer season.

Nothing is getting done. But the GOP Congress took a month-long break anyway.

Now this…
Paul Ryan is so unpopular his numbers now rival crackpot Nancy Pelosi.
John Nolte and reported:

Quote:To no one’s surprise, a just-released NBC News poll reveals that feckless Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has succeeded inbecoming just as unpopular as his polarizing predecessor, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

The Survey/Monkey poll shows that 30% of those surveyed view Pelosi favorably, a statistical tie with Paul Ryan’s 31%. The two are also tied up in the unfavorable department, with 64% holding an unfavorable view of Pelosi, compared to 63% for Ryan.


How'd I manage to miss this Masterpiece?

Quote:The GOP Choice: Greatness, or Else Self-Destruction

The stupid party did not get its nickname because of its smashing successes.  And right now, it’s stupider than ever.  It’s a party steeped in Stockholm Syndrome, a party performing a version of assisted suicide.  Live.  Not only on Facebook, but on every major media outlet.

The GOP has been handed a golden opportunity to reshape our nation.  Its base has risen up to give them majorities in both houses, along with a president who has an extraordinary agenda.   They could transform America to being great again, simultaneously transforming the GOP from being known as the stupid party, to the party that made America shine.  That tide to greatness is here, it can still be taken, but the boat will not sail if they choose timidity and fecklessness.

What is stopping them from taking this tide?  Distraction, ego (#nevertrumpism), and timidity.  'Tis a foul brew of self-d

That terrible virus injected into the GOP (*cough*, Bush family, *cough*) will insure their own defeat.  Does no one remember 2006?  When the GOP lost their majority in a wave election?  When the GOP voters let them die because of the GOP’s feckless timidity and collusion with the Democrats?  Well, look it up.  That 2006 group did it to themselves, and it’s a lesson the GOP should relearn quickly.    

When you have majorities in both houses and a president, you are expected to deliver on what you promised voters.  Far and away, Trump’s agenda is what the GOP Congress-critters promised to do if elected.  It’s the agenda their voters want.  These promises have been the same since 2010.  If the GOP wants to avoid the debacle of 2006, it had better change course, and work feverishly to get this agenda passed.  If it doesn’t, it will be crushed in another wave election of its own making.

The first and most noble reason to keep their promises is that the agenda is great.  One that will transform America away from the bitter, nasty, awful results of the Obama years.  Those policy failures are something that has America as we know it in the crosshairs.  Obama’s agenda will bring more pain, ugliness, and failure, a trajectory perhaps as tragic as Venezuela.  The media not reporting these failures does not make them any less awful.  Change to economic strength, the strength to win against radical Islam, the strength of protecting America from illegal immigration, unleashing energy independence; changing the whole Obama agenda is a wonderful transformation.  For that alone, the GOP congress needs to do what was promised.

Intimidation from the left and their media enforcers has to be ignored.  No matter what, they will hate Republicans, no matter what they want to defeat the center-right.  They are an arm of the democrat party and need to stop being listened to.  Likewise, the violent intimidation of the leftist brown shirts.  Many of them are paid, while the others hate Republicans; voting against them even if Republicans break their promise and don’t follow through on the agenda that elected them.  All of them will still call the GOP those bad names ad nauseum.   Ignore the noise, it’s just putting Republicans in jeopardy of being abandoned by their voters for non-action.

The second good reason for the GOP Congress to get moving is simple.  Your majority will evaporate if promises are not kept.  Weaseling will not work.  Let the democrats be the weasels, that’s their MO.  The center-right base will abandon you in 2018 if the agenda is not passed.  Don’t act like slime merchants, or halfheartedly.  “Oh dang, we just couldn’t do it.”  won't cut it.  If GOP members value their jobs, stop the timidity, stop listening to #neverrumpers and those moronic advisors who say to play it safe.

The Senate has an election that puts more Democrat seats in play than have been in decades.  That’s a lifetime opportunity.  It’s an election that could give the GOP a sixty-vote majority for the first time in memory.  Yes, there are a few (R’s) that cause problems.  Too bad the states of Arizona and South Carolina, along with some others, did not get rid of those problems.  But I digress.  If the Senate would pass the big agenda, if it unified and stopped the nonsense, the ego issues and timidity, they would steamroll to a 60-vote majority.

Suggestion.  GOP:  Stop.  Regroup.  Unify.   Pass the big agenda.  ASAP.  If you do, you will have done a wonderful thing.  If you don’t, you will not only be responsible for the further ruin and division of America, you will also lose.   A perfect twofer as the stupid party.

GOP:  Do what your voters expect.  Do what is right.  Pass the agenda.  Now.  Otherwise, you’re in the dustbin of history.

Oh My......

Shock Poll: McConnell, Ryan Less Popular Than Antifa: Confidence in GOP congressional leadership reaches dismal new low, sinks beneath left-wing extremists

Quote:Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are now viewed as ineffective and unpopular by such a wide-swatch of the American electorate they poll somewhere below the left-wing extremist group Antifa.

A recent survey taken by McLaughlin & Associates in conjunction with The Center for Security Policy and the Eagle Forum, released Thursday, revealed that nearly two thirds of voters — 63 percent — believe that the time has come for new leadership in Congress.

A paltry 15 percent of those polled said “no” when asked if it is “time for new Republican Leadership in Congress which would mean replacing Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan.” Nearly a quarter of respondents, 22 percent, were uncertain. A whopping 63 percent supported the notion of dumping the pair of GOP leaders.

But while only 15 percent of Americans appear to retain confidence in McConnell and Ryan, 21 percent of those polled by McLaughlin said they supported Antifa.

And this from earlier is just as depressing: Summer Doldrums: Approval for McConnell, Congress Sinks Below This Foreign Leader’s
More Americans trust Russia's president to 'do the right thing' than endorse the performance of lawmakers

Listening to Mark Steyn's lambasting of Ryan and McConnell (subbing foe Rush Limbaugh) makes me think they did what he said they did. He said they guessed wrong. They thought they could oppose Trump by not supporting his agenda and that the public would back them for doing so. Their plans have come apart. They are so beneath sea level in the polls that there is no way the establishment can continue in leadership. Steyn said they were only worried about their lobbyists and fellow RINOs... that they were unconcerned with shrinkimg the size of government. He believes it has come home to bite them on the backside, and they are currently making brave speeches, but looking like deer in the headlights.

This is what I have been driving for. The GOP is in the process of shucking off the influence of the establishment. What a difference would losing McConnell. Ryan, McCain, and the like? Looks like great possibilities to me.
My guess is that Bannon is not going to be able to change the DOP, no matter how much he accomplishes. The DC elites are so firmly entrenched that they can only be displaced by rounding them up and putting them against the wall.

But there is one way to defeat them: go around them, and leave them to their party skeleton. That, of course, means a new party that completely Whiggs them out. And eventually there will be enough Republican politicians who will get so frustrated and tired of the old sham that they will do just that. And eventually the Herd Animals will have to be led away.

Steve Bannon on Targeting the GOP Establishment! Watch!


The Dumbass "Deer in the Headlights" senate leader is coming under more pressure to make like a tree and leave.

Conservative groups demand McConnell step down as Senate GOP leader

Quote:The leaders of several conservative groups called Wednesday for Mitch McConnell to step down as Senate majority leader, arguing the Kentucky Republican and the rest of his team should be ousted from their posts because they have not implemented the conservative agenda they promised.

“We call on all five members of the GOP Senate leadership to step down, or for their caucus to remove them as soon as possible,” Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia who now leads the Senate Conservatives Fund, said at a Wednesday press conference on Capitol Hill.

All the leaders come from anti-Republican establishment organizations with ties to the Tea Party movement. They have long been thorns in McConnell’s side and have backed conservative challengers to Republican incumbents in Senate races. They include representatives from FreedomWorks, the Tea Party Patriots and For America.

“If this was a football team, and you’d lost this many times, you’d start seriously considering firing the coaches,” said David Bozell, the president of For America.

Let the Revolt Begin!

[Image: MAD-Magazine-McConnell-2_596e3e0625b033.75126526.jpg]

Here's what these DC party elites just can't get through their heads.  Sheriff Clark hits the nail on the head too.

Click to Enlarge


Any new party will have the same problem as the old: self-serving bureaucrats who crave the power and will try to take it over. As the old party loses strength, the minions will scurry down the ratlines to the new party and continue their subterfuge. We will need to do the same thing with a new party that we need to do with the old party, which at least still holds some power, and that is to kick the rascals out and put good people in their places. No difference in what we have now with what may come down the line... (or what comes down the ratline.)

You can't get rid of them easily. They are the reason our Founders gave us a Constitutionally-limited Republic, so that we can get it right with effort and elbow-grease. These McConnell/Boehner types are genetically preprogrammed to seek out power and say the right things until they can get away with doing the wrong things. Our job is to hold their feet to the fire and get rid of them - not to allow them to win.

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