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Stay young and healthy
Spent the last month helping move my Mom into a retirement community. She has a lot of older friends already there so her social life should improve a lot. I found it depressing as she is only 83 and my grandma sold her home off when she was 90. I tell myself that she is in a independent apartment, not the alf or the nursing home. Yet.

The place is a bottomless pit. Houses on the outside then independent apartments then the ALF then the skilled nursing home then at last the memorial garden for cremated remains...

Only way I'll end up in a place like that I'll be dragged kicking and screaming.
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
It's all up to the senior involved. If able to run one's own life, that decision is theirs. I can understand a senior with needs to want to be near others for mutual support and camaraderie. An octogenarian has already lost many friends and loved ones, wanting to be among friends is not unusual. Most I know do so through church.

However; some oldsters are "put" in homes because they are considered a "bother" by their caretakers, which can be true or not. If so, we can only hope they are well taken care of and given what dignity they deserve.
I will father children someday, and, if I have somehow raised my children properly against all the odds society, popular culture, and life itself places against me, I will be in their care when I am old and decrepit. I could see myself spending endless days watching the grandchildren while my children go to make their living.

This was how society and life was for many many centuries. Now, we've destroyed ourselves to a point where this is looked down on as unworthy or undesirable. I cannot wait till the coming times hit people in the face with reality and it'll be high time for multi-generational households.

God, a nursing home......number one killer of healthy old people. Take them from their home and place them there, and they die in a matter of months or a year it seems.
Must not your parents watch your children while you go and make your living?
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I don't have kids as of yet, but the norm in America is to ship them off to daycare or some shit while they both go to work.
That's for people who are on food stamps and can afford to have the Gubmint reimburse for the cost of daycare. My sister in law hasn't harsher son in daycare yet and he's four and her and her husband both work 50+ hours. They make arrangements with the family to have someone watch jake. Gosh, saving money AND having the family step up and raise a kid? What a freakishly novel idea.
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Same thing with my oldest son's family. Gramma and Grampa watched little Zachary while they worked, When other kids came, My daughter-in-law resigned from her job as VP at a bank and stayed home, homeschooling them. My son brought home the whole paycheck.

My other two son's did similar, but my middle daughter-in-law took a page from my wife's history and got a job at the public school where her kids attend. She gets paid to watch her own kids.

No daycare for any of my grandkids, and they are all turning out pretty well.
Here are some tips for being young and healthy;

Morning walk is more important
Do Yoga
Healthy exercise and healthy eating

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