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Could you stomach having a twin like this?
I thought such things happened only in crazy science fiction cartoons...
[Image: futurama205_14.jpg]
Doctors discovered that a 3 years old boy had a twin... living in his stomach (forcibly also 3 years old)
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actually, such a thing isn't uncommon at all. you hear stories like this all the time.. from finding leftover parts of your twin inside your brain, down to finding teeth in kidneys....

there was even a set of eyeballs and some brain matter found in an tumor once. the tumor was near the innards.

normally they're just called dermoid cysts or something like that. it's thought that Twinning causes the majority of those dermoid cysts, although apparently that's too much for most people. I guess most people don't like the idea that they're actually a "evil" parasitic twin who might had accidentally killed their own twin in the womb.
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relax. it's only the internet!
You are right, if you look more around you, you will find things in the reality that goes beyond fiction.

I don't know how I'd feel if I woke one day with a pair of blinking eyeballs on my belly, staring at me.

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