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Are you a GG?
More modern genetic results. They claim to have found an "kindness gene". Naturally, it is recessive, a "G" gene and its counterpart is called "A". If you are GG, then other people can see that you are kindly, not if you are AG or AA.

Strangers can spot 'kindness' gene: study

All this DNA testing will lead to no good, obviously. What kind of gene is next? If your embryo tested GG, what would you do?

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My guess is that the 'no good' part will involve all the misinformation that this will all lead to.

A 'kindness gene' will most always be accompanied with other combinations. Some kind people will still be gullible, but others will not be fooled by others wishing to take advantage of them. Nothing will change IMO.
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We need a list.

Olivia de Havilland was GG. Basil Rathbone was AA.
Flounder is GG. Bluto was AA.
Amish are GG. Thuggees are AA.

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