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Cell Phone Blocker

Any experience with these? I want to get one to take with me on my bike or in my truck when I am going around town and such. So if I come close to any idiot running their mouths on their cell phones and driving, it will shut them up at least temporarily.
I haven't looked, but I think they are illegal here.
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I also want something that blocks teenagers. Like, completely blocks them from me. I don't have to hear, see, or smell the wretched bastards.
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(09-04-2011, 05:44 PM)Biker Dude Wrote: I haven't looked, but I think they are illegal here.

There is nothing on the site to say they are, aside from possible foreign countries. If it was illegal in the US or some US States, there would have to be a disclaimer as to where they can take orders from.

Here from Wiki:

# United States: Cell phone blocking devices are used by federal officials under certain circumstances. Privacy rights of property owners may affect the policy and application of law within buildings. The FCC may issue a permit that waives the law for private use. For radio communications, it is illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934).[9] Blocking radio communications in public can carry fines of up to $11,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.[10] The Homeland Security Act of 2002 may override the Communications Act of 1934.[11]

If it's your house or property....more info is needed, but not illegal to own at this point.
There actually may be times when people really need to call for help on their cell phone. Or check their house or business burglar alarm. Or the police are trying to reach them to tell them their house just exploded.

People talking on their cell phones may be at times annoying, and confusing if you think they are talking to you. They may be increasing the risk of having an accident if they talk on their cell phones while driving. But in most cases it is not going to affect you directly. C'mon folks, have a little more patience. They're not really hurting you that much. If you are unwilling to allow people to have this freedom, then what business to you have to object to big government limiting your freedom?

I know of two devices that would block cell phones (and any other electronics). A Tesla coil (but you have to be fairly close), or an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device. This only requires a powerful source of energy. It does not necessarily require a nuke. Of course, an EMP wave would permanently destroy all electronics in the area, unless heavily shielded, like with a Faraday cage. You might knock out a nearby cell tower. Or make private planes fall out of the sky. Or destroy pacemakers, so some people drop dead on the streets.
My mom was hit by a car being driven by a woman running her mouth on a cell phone. It's a like a 15m radius at best for this and I wouldn't think to give a damn about someone's 911 call when I am riding my bike around town. What am I going to do, park myself near an accident so no one can call, or just watch a robbery in progress? Jesus wept.

I am sure that is main concern parroted by the fascists at the FCC, but they are legal to have and just not use....

(09-04-2011, 06:10 PM)ghoullio Wrote: I also want something that blocks teenagers. Like, completely blocks them from me. I don't have to hear, see, or smell the wretched bastards.

That would be the ideal item. Put me on the list for one once they're developed. I'd be happy to alpha and beta test. S1
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While I do like the idea of interrupting the conversation of some Yacky Doodle babbling away on their cell, I think it may cause a slightly more dangerous situation. You know that the fool will just try to re-dial the dropped call, thus taking their eyes off the road to dial the phone again, or start watching the signal strength impatiently waiting for it to be strong enough to make their oh so important phone call.

Just a thought.
Churches use a phone block during their services. That is why you never hear phones going off in the congregation. So obviously it is not against the law.
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With all the disinformation being tossed around, I did about 45 seconds research and found that yes they are illegal.

1934 Communications Act

Bottom line is it is viewed as property theft nowadays. A company pays to use a set spectrum of the airwaves. By utilizing a blocker you are depriving them of access to their property. If you can get the FCC to grant you a usage permit, have at it. But good luck there.

[Image: SalmaHayekcopy.jpg]
As much as it bothers me, I think taking that sort of vigilante approach is wrong on many levels. One, what if someone is getting a call from their pregnant wife telling them where to meet them? What if a mother is on a phone call with one of their kids and the kid is in some kind of danger? You don't know what that person is talking about. You have no right to assume that they are just flapping their gums about the latest episode of Jersey Shore. It may be something of critical importance. give them the benefit of the doubt and let the police do their jobs.
(09-05-2011, 11:53 AM)John L Wrote: Churches use a phone block during their services. That is why you never hear phones going off in the congregation. So obviously it is not against the law.

In a private location where the use of such a device is made public maybe it's legal. Short of that, no it's not. they don't do that at my church. they just ask everyone nicely at the beginning of mass to turn off their phones.
I went to the social security office with my wife last week to get her name changed over. After we went through the security gates, the pat downs, and the xray machine, we were told to turn our phones off. We paid for those, is the SS office being unconstitutional in asking us to turn our cell phones off?
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Passengers aboard an airliner are told to turn off their cell phones and all electronics on takeoff and landings, ostensibly because the signals might interfere with vital aircraft electronics on some planes. They are trying to improve protections for aircraft electronics so that won't be the case.

In legal terms, terms of rights, whether or not we have a right to use cell phones in various places and situations would have to be looked at in terms of established rights to communicate. We know there are limits on those. If you carry on yelling at your spouse with the windows open past midnight in most communities, you will eventually have your neighbors call the police, and they will come and acquaint you with local ordinances about disturbing the peace. If you persist in yakking it up in a public library, you will probably eventually be asked to leave. And since the police station often is located near the library, it will not be long before a policeman can be summoned to back up the invitation to leave. Whether you are using a cell phone is immaterial to the basic fact that you are yakking it up and distubing other library patrons.

Same thing for lunkheads who fail to turn off their cell phones when they sit down in a cinema auditorium to watch a movie. In all theatres I have been in these days, there is always a message just before the movie is about to start to turn off all cell phones.

As for security measures when entering a public office, cell phones are known to be a common way to arm and trigger bombs. You could also use the cell phone in record or transmit modes, to allow eavesdropping of confidential conversations. You could also use the photo capability to help case the place for future attack.

WL9, they make the same announcement in my church just before the church service begins. They are charitable about it though. If someone forgets, and their phone tone sounds, the guilty part will either shut it off or quickly exit the main sanctuary with an embarassed look on their face. Once it happened to the pastor when he was on the platform. He apologized. We just chuckled with him. Nobody is ever disfellowshipped over it.

One time we had a special program where the pastor used his cell phone, which he put by the microphone for everyone to hear, when he called the hospital room to talk to a 10-year-old boy who had experienced a pretty much miraculous successful surgery to remove a tumor the size of an apple in his brain--that doctors had said had only a very small hope of success--after anointing and prayer by the pastor and elders of the church in accord with James 5:14, and for whom the whole church had been praying for in recent weeks. Nobody objected to the use of a cell phone then! S1

The boy said he wanted to preach a sermon when he was stronger, and the pastor said "Sure." And about a month later the boy was allowed to speak a few words, and family (including his younger brother who had realized something was wrong and called for help) and other people involved were presented and honored, including the police, paramedics, ambulance drivers, who had been involved (they sat in the front rows and were publicly acknowledged). The doctors were mentioned too, but they could not attend because they were on duty at the hospital.

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