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$1 Billion bet in July of US downgrade brings questions of insider information
Quote:In late July, a mystery investor or hedge fund made a nearly $1 Billion bet that the US would lose their AAA+ credit rating, and on August 5th when S&P issued its downrade to AA+, that investor now stands to make a return of 1000%, and leads to serious questions of who the mystery trader is, and did they have insider information well before hand.

In 1992, George Soros nearly destroyed the British Pound, and made a profit of $1 Billion by betting agains the currency. The British government had been propping up the Sterling for some time, and this led to a weakness that Soros was able to exploit when rejection of the Maastricht Treaty led to a massive devaulation of the Pound, and a huge profit for his bet.

That belief, or perhaps knowledge of events is very similar to the bet placed against the American credit rating just two weeks ago.

While the identity of the 'mystery investor' remains unknown, many indicators do point to George Soros as the principal benefactor. First, Soros has been tied to the Obama administration since the 2008 elections. In February of this year in fact, a Soros investment fund profited well on President Obama's new green energy policies. Secondly, right about the exact same time as the $1 Billion bet took place on the US credit rating downgrade, Soros made public the move to divest his management fund of outside investors, and quietly go private. This move allows him to make trades and investments without being required to notify the SEC under the new Dodd-Frank act passed in Congress last year.

I'd love to see Soros spent the rest of his life in prison.
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Considering the way the media, house, senate, president... were acting, it seemed like something bad was definitely on the horizon. I bet big against the US. Unfortunately I locked my gains to a few percent with a sell trigger. (was planning on volatility) If I didn't have my sell trigger I would have made 50%. Damn triggers.
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I'm surprised that the odds were not less than even.
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There is a high probability of insider information being leaked and used in trades in such cases.
One billion is a huge sum. This bold. Even brave since it was bound to be noticed.
Unless it's a person close to Obama, he will be lucky not to be investigated.
I believe that I had predicted earlier that Soros would capitalize on the US fiscal problems. He made his fortune by doing similar stunts long ago. Probably no insider information was needed for him. After all, the US fiscal problems are as plain as the nose on your face.
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