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Are We Headed Into Another Little Ice Age?
You know what?  Even when the truth is staring them right in the face, and they even report about what is happening, They Still Don't Get It!

One of the strongest Arctic outbreaks of winter is ready to surge into the Lower 48 in early March
Temperatures may fall 40 degrees below normal in spots.


Listen  to this Genius skirt around the real causes, but continue to blame global warming.  This would all be hilarious were it not so serious.   Gah

Is extreme weather related to climate change?

"...........The rate of warming is unusual, at least compared to the last few thousand years"  S18

[Image: iceage.png]
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Oh, Thank G-d for Global Warming: A brutal Arctic air mass is about to take over the United States. What would we do without it?

Eventually it is going to have to dawn on all these Einsteins that Algore has been feeding all of them a crock of Schist. S13

Just look at Atlanta and Charlotte. I live in Raleigh/Durham area, and it should fare no better. Shock

--- SCHiST Happens! ---
I want you folks to see this weather forecast for today, May 4th, through May 7th, in Europe.  I found this on Robert Felix's site, This is something that will hardly be reported on in the MSM.  This is going to be catastrophic to new plants and vineyards, which will add up to billions of dollars in crop losses, in Europe alone.  

I'm assuming that "0" on the chart equals zero degrees centigrade, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  If so, then the "-8" will be "17.6 degrees Fahrenheit!  Wow!!

If this can be happening there this late in the spring, we just might also have the same thing waiting to pay us a visit here in North America.  Imagine the loss in early crops here?  And this is just the beginning of our current Grand Solar Minimum.  Just imagine a decade from now. UPDATE on the historic Arctic front moving across Europe this weekend, May 3-6th

[Image: 850temp_anom_20190503_12_024.jpg-nggid04...10t010.jpg]

[Image: 850temp_anom_20190503_12_048-1.jpg-nggid...10t010.jpg]

[Image: 850temp_anom_20190503_12_072.jpg-nggid04...10t010.jpg]

[Image: 850temp_anom_20190503_12_096.jpg-nggid04...10t010.jpg]
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On the 4th of may, we had snow in the belgian Ardennes tops. I don't remember in my life having seen snow so late in the spring. Maybe last time during WW2, I don't know...

Good thing I'm in Lithuania and I just avoid the cold wave. Weather in the Baltics is fresh but not exceptional for the season.

Biggest temperature drops are reported in France and Switzerland. In the mountain they have snow as in winter.

Then, according to your map, Greece should be under 0 celcius too. Which is unheard of. (But I don't have direct report from people living there.)

On facebook I ask environmentalists "Hi, how is the Global Warming going?"
And that's not all.

In Italy:Arctic Hurricane scourges Italy, bad weather of exceptional importance: never so in the last 70 years, snow at 150 m
Arctic attack of exceptional magnitude, never so in the last 70 years.
Flakes up to 150 m, 20 cm to 5/600 m on the Modena Apennines. Here are the details

[Image: uragano-artico-maltempo.png]

And the Swiss, no less: Record May snowfall in some parts of Switzerland
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And this has certainly not been lost by Adapt 2030's David DuByne.

5G Disrupts Weather Forecasts UK Record Cold, Europe Record Snow (823)

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I just saw this latest issue of abject climatic ignorance, over at Zero Hedge. Nobody has the slightest idea as to why all this rain and destruction of corn, and soy bean crops in the article. And even worse, the comments from the readers only tells me that the overwhelming majority of people haven't the slightest idea of what is headed our way.

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%

Hey!, its the next Grand Solar Minimum, you Dumbasses! Everyone keeps going on about 'Global Warming' and paying zero attention to the Real Problem: a cooling planet from the next grand solar minimum. I even posted in the comment section, but I don't expect anyone to pay any attention to it.
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