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Investment Ideas
This is new to me. I started a business with a friend in March 2011. We made $12,000 our first month, $6,000 our second month and now it's petered out because he is a control freak on one hand and extremely lazy on the other.

I can do this business myself without his help and I plan to make $6-$8,000 a month steadily.

The questions is, what do I do with this money? I don't want to do these divorces for the rest of my life, I'd like to buy something that works for me. Franchise? Gold? Slaves? What should I do if I find myself with an extra $4,000 at the end of every month? Anyone have any ideas?
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What is the business Kris?
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Shop around for a good financial planner.
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I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER. This is my unprofessional opinion. Take it all with a grain of salt.

The big question, to me, is how far do you think this depression is going to slide?

If you think it's going to bottom out at the Carteresque stagflation, by precious metals (like I did.) However, bare in mind that a LOT of people have been buying precious metals and there is a bit of a bubble. It corrected lately, but one can never tell. Thing is, though, with all this money printing, inflation is going to go higher than it already is. Commodities, especially precious metals, are where you want to be during inflation.

On the other hand, if you think we're going to get a Wiemar Republic style run away inflation with people wheeling up wheelbarrows full of dollars to buy bread, then I'd recommend non-perishable food items like canned food and rice. (This I have also done. Though I should get more.)
Normally I'd recommend hookers and blow, but Charlie Sheen has kinda taken the fun outta that.

To be honest, I would love to have that kind of money and the worry of what to do with it. But I really don't know. And some of the financial advisers I have known I wouldn't trust with YOUR money, let alone mine.

Good luck. It would be interesting to know how the biz does, but also what you decide.
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Give this a listen. Anyone else tune in?
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try to enlarge whatever business works for you. if you try investing in stuff you know nothing about or rely on financial planners, you will almost certainly lose your money.
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Guns, ammo, land, concubines and foodstuffs.

Personally, I would be debt-free to start out with.
John: my business relies on providing pro se legal forms for people who have uncontested matter before a court. As long as both parties sign a waiver, they get the same effect of an attorney but for much much less.

WB, I wouldn't know what a "good" financial planner looked like if he fell out of a tree and landed on me.

Precious metals: I don't feel that i make enough to support buying metals in the quantity it requires to see a return. The dollar is making the price of some metals go up, I don't know if there is any real return with what I'm able to do. Also, I would need to buy antique coins, those are the only ones the government won't confiscate when the Govt collapses and I can't afford antique coins.

I was thinking if a franchise, I'd like to buy into something like a fast food or something. The McDonalds franchise is too expensive yet, you need a mil and a half in reserve before they even look at you. Subway, though, is only ten or twenty thousand.

Ayway, my point is that I need to do something smart with the profits, otherwise I'll be nickeling and diming myself to death and have nothing to show in twenty years. Maybe Roth IRA, that is all post tax so I could save money there. The problem is that right now is the time to own debt, not assets. I'd like to buy while the getting is good. maybe scoop up some real estate, though I don't really know what to look for.
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I buy high dividend yield stocks. Lately I bought (tickers) AGNC (real estate), TOT(oil) and BPT (Alaska oil).
I own also NCV (corporate bond fund), HPT (hotel property trust) and EAD (stock fund).
There are many stocks with more than 4% div on the market.
I also buy non-dividend stocks but they are much more risky and lose money more often than not usualy. Dividend stocks also cray risks but you realy need a deflagration like the 2009 financial crisis to lose money on them over the long term.
Gold is overpriced, I prefer oil but that's only my opinion.
Like fredle..., I buy high yield stocks, but mine are in stable companies. Don't go for ultra high yield, stay with solid companies 4-6% yield. Pipeline stocks have high yield but are a pia at tax time, for there are too many tax quirks; you would need a cpa to do your taxes. But my goals are different than yours.

IMHO tax advisors are all chanting the same song, so why pay them, just look up the "standard advice" on the web.

Are you looking for a long term investment or just a place to park your cash until a good business opportunity comes along?

If you put your money in a Roth, you effectively cannot take it out. In you do, you could buy some ETF's with your money or low expense no load mutual funds. Long term, hanging with SP500 is a safe bet. However, you might want to put a minor percent of your money in targeted ETF's that look economically good to you.
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