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Distance Therapy
Now this is really interesting.

Quote:Distance Therapy

Researchers, patients and mental health practitioners have long applauded some aspects of therapy at a distance: it is low-cost and easy to schedule, protects clients' privacy, shields both therapist and client from the possibility of physical or sexual abuse, and makes expertise available for rare conditions wherever it is needed. Now new research demonstrates that distance therapy is, in fact, effective, says Robert Epstein, contributing editor for Scientific American.

Given the positive findings about the power of therapy delivered by remote means such as e-mail, video, chat, voice or texting, the professional associations have been coming onboard. The American Counseling Association, the National Association of Social Workers and other societies now have official e-therapy guidelines for practitioners, and the American Psychological Association has given therapy at a distance tacit approval. According to clinical psychologist Gerald P. Koocher of Simmons College, "the important thing is that you're practicing competently, no matter how you're delivering the therapy."

Quote:-Virtual-reality programs can help treat psychological problems such as phobias, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress.
-Within the next five to 10 years upward of a billion people worldwide are expected to spend much of their time in virtual communities, where, undoubtedly, both human and software therapists will have no shortage of virtual customers.
-Meanwhile other nontraditional therapies are advancing, such as new pharmaceuticals and direct brain stimulation.

Although traditional, face-to-face therapy will likely continue to be practiced for decades, it will undoubtedly play a smaller and smaller role in the extraordinary world of therapeutic intervention that lies ahead, says Epstein.

"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
Protecting both therapist and client from the possibility of physical or sexual abuse is indeed the most urgent and the most important goal for the use of new technologies.Shock
I'd rather die from testicles cancer than having mine touched by a could-be-gay doctor.S2
most people would certainly find that it's easier to open up in an semi-anonymous way because when you're behind a computer, or even just texting, you tend to not feel like you're being judged or whatever else.

Hell, when people post on message-boards like this one, they tend to type things that they wouldn't normally say in "real life". that in itself is kind of therapeutic, even if it makes you come off as a total Jackass at times.

the only downside about this kind of therapy, is that one might be more prone to getting bad advice from others online who claim to be licensed therapists if you go down the route of looking for an online therapist who you can vent to anonymously.

That's why I would say it's better to do a mixture of both online and offline therapist with the same therapist.
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relax. it's only the internet!
AFAIC, I'd never trust a therapist I can't talk with face to face.
Random thoughts:

And here I thought "distance therapy" was "out of sight, out of mind".

Virtual con artists have been practicing for years. What's new?

Isn't Facebook a form of distance therapy?

True traction will be achieved when insurance pays for distance therapy.
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Distance Therapy is really a move toward dismantling psychology and psychiatory as professions. This is desired by the modern species of leftist-liberals because their modern leftist-liberalism is a form of mental illness. This is the same reason that Scientologists vilify psychologists and psychiatrists as the ultimate evils.

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