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Internet slang.
U/L - UpLoad
UAE - Unrecoverable Application Error
UDP - Usenet Death Penalty
UL - UpLoad
UOK - yoU OK?
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URLCM - yoU aRe weLCoMe
USU - Usually
UTC - Under The Counter
UTT - Under The Table
UUCP - Unix-to-Unix CoPy
UYKD - Unless You Know Different(ly)
Sodomia delenda est

<VBG> - Very Big Grin
VH - Virtual Hug
VR - Virtual Reality
VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language
VT - Virtual Time
Sodomia delenda est

W/ - With
W/O - With Out
W8 - Wait
W8ING - Waiting
WAB - What Another Bill
WAEF - When All Else Fails
WALOC - What A Load Of Crap
WAN - Wide Area Network
WB - Welcome Back
WCAGA - What Comes Around Goes Around
WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That
WEFT - Wrong Every F*cking Time
WFM - Works For Me
<WG> - Wicked Grin
WGAS - Who Gives A Sh*t
WIBNIF - Wouldn't It Be Nice If
WMMOWS - Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WOA - Work Of Art
WOFTAM - Waste Of F*cking Time And Money
WOM - Word Of Mouth
WOS - Wife Over Shoulder
WR - With Respect
WRT - With Respect To
WTAA - What's This All About
WTF - What The F*ck
WTFDIC - What The F*ck Do I Care
WTFDIK - What The F*ck Do I Know
WTFDYTYA - Who The F*ck Do You Think You Are
WTFWT - What The F*ck Was That
WTG - Way To Go!
WTGP - Want To Go Private
WTH - What The Hell
WTTRW - Welcome To The Real World
WUTNB - Wait Until The Next Book
WWW - World Wide Web; World Wide Wait
WYGIWYG - What You Got Is What You Get
WYGIWYPF - What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYMM - Will You Marry Me
WYP - What's Your Point
WYSIAYG - What You See Is All You Get
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
Sodomia delenda est

XYZ - eXamine Your Zipper
Sodomia delenda est

YABA - Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YAOTM - Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YGGM - Your Guess is as Good as Mine
YGTBK - You've Got To Be Kidding
YHB_____ - You Have Been ________
YHBW - You Have Been Warned
YHL - You Have Lost
YHTBT - You Had To Be There
YIU - Yes I Understand
YIWGP - Yes I Will Go Private
YKYATP - You Know You're A Tired Parent [relates to something really
silly, but if you are honest with yourself, you've done
equally silly things]
YM - You Mean
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary [results may differ according to setup,
power, size etc]
YOYO - You're On Your Own
YOYOW - You Own Your Own Words
YR - Yeah Right
YSS - You Suck Severely
YTMOB - You Turn Me On Baby
YWHOL - Yelling Woo Hoo Out Loud [a variation on LOL(cf)]
YWSYLS - You Win Some You Lose Some
Sodomia delenda est

ZAM - Z's Are Me
ZAC - Z's Are Calling (time for bed)
ZNT - ZiffNeT
ZSTFB - Zebedee Says Time For Bed
Sodomia delenda est

AAAAA - American Association Against Acronym Abuse
Ščepec slaščic za mišičaste pešce s stičišča cestišč.
Where's John L's BTY?
WmLambert Wrote:Where's John L's BTY?

I've always wondered why he uses a "Y" instead of the more obvious and common "W". :?:
"Most people just want tomorrow to look pretty much like today." - Terry Pratchett
We'll have to ask John L to be sure, but maybe it is short for "Beware the Yeti?"

...or "Bend towards yesterday?" about, "Bubblebath troubling you?"

...maybe, "Between two Yvettes?"

...perhaps, "Bury the Yo-yo?"

Is it possibly a green thing? "Bears tour Yukon?"

A generational thing? "Beautiful toadstooled Yippee?" or "Blame the younglings?"

A French thing? "Bardot towel yearning?"

I've added COS' AAAAA to the list and will similarly add anything else suggested.

Incidentally, WTH is ASACR anyway? It is not on the list and I was under impression it meant something like

"As .. can remember "

Googling reveals ASACR to be in heavy use, but no decyphering.
Sodomia delenda est

I don't think ASACR is a real acronym. The only thing close is a French term for some Asian coop association. It can be a misspelled ASCAR but not applicable for net usage (American Sports Car Association.)

What I figure is it was a misspelled parochial Acronym used by someone who used it to mean "As soon as I can reply" or "As sure as I can recall."

Personally, I wouldn't use it. Acronyms are used to streamline communication - not to make it harder to understand.

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