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What etnic group does this guy belong to?
Amerinds have high cheekbones (zygomatic arches) on average. The top guy looks like Mozzie on White Collar.
JT needs to leave us a link to the site, so we can learn more. Or at least tell us where each one came from.

Also, keep in mind that many plains Indian tribes originated from the east, moving outward, once the horse was domesticated. Believe it, or not, the horse led to perhaps more quick changes since the invention of agriculture. Almost over night, horse dependent tribes switched from patrilineal to matrilineal, as they left the agricultural way of life. So, many of the plains tribes link directly back to the eastern Indians, and look somewhat different from the western Indians.
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John, these images appeared on "the Chive" and were taken from the World Press review, which no longer has them on its site.

I have no data about when they were taken. Many of the others (in the 12 posted on the Chive) look very Amerind, with possible Asian precursors.

I find these picture interesting in view of the archaeological statements that Caucasians may have migrated to North America long ago.
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