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Vladimir Lenin's "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back&quot
In 1904 Vladir Lenin wrote his famous work, at least to Marxists, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", highlighting the principle differences between his Bolsheviks, and the opposing Mensheviks. However the one overriding theme was his philosophy of the "one step forward, two steps back" philosophy. And over the years it has been slighly misconstrued to mean many things. But overall, it really means "one Giant Step forward, and two tiny(misdirecting) steps backward".

There are many today, and some here, who will think that what Obama is doing is equal to what Bubba did in the 1990s, what Dick Morris called Triangulation. But this is different. Clinton was not an ideologue, and did this to keep himself in Air Force One, and all the perks that went with it. Obama is fulfilling the Dreams from his Socialist Anti-Colonial Father. One giant step forward, and two tiny(face saving) steps backward, are natural to his agenda. Make no mistake, his ultimate destination is the Collectivization of the US, no matter what the Founders intended.

He's already doing this with the brand new tax bill. Is it like Clinton's Trinagulation? Yes and no. Yes in that it appears similar. And No, in that there are entirely different reasons for objective. Obama's strategy is the ultimate subjugation of the US to Collectivization's principles. Today, it is Fascism. Tomorrow, Marxism. And if one looks closely at Marx, it is clear that this is how he envisioned it all. The truth is that Benito Mussolini understood Marx far better than did Lenin. It's all about gradualism. One Giant Step Forward, and two tiny, face saving, steps backward.

This article,by Jeffrey Folks, highlights Obama's objectives. The point is that if you believe this is all about just getting reelected, you are sadly mistaken. It is all about his ultimate Collectivist agenda.
“Socialism always begins with a universal vision for the brotherhood of man and ends with people having to eat their own pets.”
My recollection of the meaning is that Two Steps are more than One Step, so Lenin was actually talking about a retreat. If you read just a bit from the link, you will see that the author is whining; in fact much of Lenin's writing was whining about mistreatment by party comrads (despite the "Bolshevism==Majority" claim, he was in minority most of the time).

Still, we can apply the term to the current situation, albeit differently.

The Step forward is the Bush "Tax Cuts" that now passed.

Two Steps backward are the Dream act and DADT repeal that now head for a Senate vote.

This is the Obama's triangulation.

What is the balance?

I fear the Bastard is victorious.
Sanders 2020

Do you think it is all in their genes?
“Socialism always begins with a universal vision for the brotherhood of man and ends with people having to eat their own pets.”

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