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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Roberts

I bet Teddy Kennedy is having a coniption fit right now.

I believe there is one more spot to fill. S2

CNS News links don't seem to work with Jane well. It must be them, Jane is too charming to be that bad. Wink1
I really like Roberts right now. I was impressed with Senator Leahy,he bugs me a lot,but lots of the NO votes right now are just appeasing the extremists who funded things and the extremists know it,Leahy is above that.
I predict Roberts will be confirmed and infact will receive votes from some unexpected sources. Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer will vote for Roberts. Schumer just won an election in November 2004 and does not need to run for another six years. He will vote for Roberts so he can put himself in a better position to vote against President Bush's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor because this is the Supreme Court swing vote which will be on the line and President Bush wants to make conservatives happy and Schumer doesn't want to court to become more conservative.

In my opinion the court is too liberal right now. Only 3 conservatives and 1 swing vote. The other 5 are liberals. This is why you have the Supreme Court saying the government can take your house away not just for public use like the Constitution allows but they expanded that to include private use which the Constitution clearly does not allow. Remember Conservatives voted against this to my surprise and the liberals voted for it not to my surprise. Unfortunately there wasn;t enough conservatives on the bench.

So if you want that case overturned so we can all keep our homes we should all support a conservative to take Sandra Day O'Connor along with Roberts. That will make it 4 Conservatives and 5 Liberals bringing which is better than 3 conservatives, 1 swing vote and 5 liberals which leads to decisions like the one which took away our right to keep our homes.

Remember marriage is also coming to the Supreme Court one of these days. Do you want the liberals to decide two men can legally go rape a cow? Do you want the liberals to decide Michael Jackson can have sleep overs with your kids without your approval? Do you want the liberals to decide you are liable for injuries suffered by a burglar who invades your home if he happens to trip on one of your child's toys?

Liberals are bad for us. Conservatives are good for us. Trust me I'm a democrat I know what liberals think and want to do to our country. Wink1
I was wrong. Hilary and Schumer voted against Roberts. Strange because it would have positioned Hilary at the center where she needs to be and Schumer would have been on a good platform to vote no against Bush's next pick. I guess you can't expect intelligent strategy from democrats these days. Let me take over the party and we'll rise again. 8)
Probably the SECOND most important accomplishment in W's Presidency.

Congratulations all around, decent Americans.

Oh, the first most important? Putting boots on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq.
I'm not too frightened over Roberts. I think that the 'religious right' believe that Roberts will give them everything they (RR) are looking for. The RR is going to have a major let down when they do not get it.

Like them or hate them, most judges in the Supreme Court do a pretty good job, most of the time, when it comes to Constitutional law.
The so-called "Religious Right" is a straw man invention of the Left. Better to say "Everyone except the extreme Left."

Most people who supported the Robert's nomination just want anyone on the bench who will follow the Constitution instead of violating it and then rationalizing non-Constitutional reasons for doing so.

I do hope we get someone like Judge Bork. I wish he was younger. There is no argument anyone can make against him that is factual and truthful that could disqualify him.

Janice Rogers Brown?
My impression of Roberts is that he will disappoint the conservative side.

Here's why. The conservatives today don't care anymore for our constitution than liberals did in 1936.

Just have different priorities,Thomas and Scalia are perfect examples of this,neither gives a sh,it for anything but their own views of what is right or wrong,no different than Ms. Ginsburg on the left.

Roberts sure gives me the impression he CARES for fidelity to our nation's constitution,so this means the ignorant conservatives who think it is fine for the federal government to be involved where the constitution strictly prohibits it will find Roberts lacking,because he reveres this nation's constitution,NOT just conservative positions in the drug war,abortion,etc.
Sorry, Palladin, but your description of Scalia and Thomas doesn't jive with reality. Have you ever read their opinions? - Not just edited, paraphrased soundbytes - but their entire lines of reasoning behind their judgments?

If you had, I don't think you could hold that opinion.

Scalia is more prone to embrace starre decises, while Thomas reviews Constitutional logic that trumps subjective opinion and foreign mimicry.

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