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George Soros - Spooky Dude
It's a guarantee for aggressive war. Almost all wars have imbalanced male ratios, Germany did in the 20th century for example.
That is a minor consideration. The major conflict will almost always be internal.

Please show where Germany did this because there were more males than females. If you are talking about WWII, then didn't WWI lead to so many Germans males being killed in combat? And weren't there many more females alive after the war?

Where did all these extra males come from? This makes no sense Patrick. After WWII, I lived in Germany(1964-66) and there were many, many, more females alive than males. After all WWII tended to kill off huge numbers of them. Why do you think they needed to import so many Turks for their work force? And why do you think GIs were so sought after by German women? Almost one-in-three servicemen were married to German women, who left Germany, and went to the US after the GIs rotated. That's how the problem was solved in the 60s. And I personally witnessed this, because two of my good friends were Germans, who's mothers married NCOs.


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