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Alaska pictures by Artemiy Lebedev
Just pixies and commentary from Russian traveller to Alaska.
Taken from here. S6
Usually Alaska is missed out on the map of the US. Even if it is here, it is south to California near Hawaii and Puerto-Rico and is of the size of Texas. Although Alaska is the largest state.

Long time ago Alaska belonged to Russia but was sold by Alexander II. Living Americans think that Russia is a very cold country.

They kinda don’t see that the snow they have is no smaller than in Chukotka.

Some local views still remind of Motherland.

The roads are ideally cleaned but some slush is out there.

It’s clean and neat with mountains in the background.

It’s nothing to deal with over here, like in any American city, except New-York or San-Francisco.

Like in all Northern cities, the main joy here is wall painting. In Murmansk and in Greenland people save themselves from snow monotony in a similar way.

Pedestrian lights have counters like in Charlotte.

On the wooden pedestal to James Cook standing on the wooden terrace is written:....

People come to Alaska for the beautiful nature. There is a special road sign – beautiful road.

The beauty.

More beauty.

And more beauty.

And even more beauty.

And free ice.

And beauty.

Suddenly familiar sign – a place to take a rest. Actually Alaska has nothing much different from other states. But this sign is definitely of European origin.

Something else. The common American “parking lot” sign is not similar to this one. Looks like ours. Only P letter isn’t sharp.

Population is scarce so one can please themselves with shooting at signs. Like “Amur” highway.

Familiar view. Quite a lot of military bases is located in Alaska.

Absolute hole. Berdsk.

With some wall-painting, of course.

Typical to Fairbanks object – curved ventilation tube coming out of the ground.

In America they adore staying in the car when doing things. There are ATMa, drug-stores, fastfoods, cafes for motorists. Also garbage piles have pleasurable drive-ins in Alaska.

Another local peculiarity — a row of mailboxes. In winter a postman car cannot reach every house. Hence all are served at once.

Fairbanks in winter is colder than Anckoridge. Every pole at the parking area has a power point – looks like a yacht-club.

All autos are supplied with electric plug which is due to stay turned in overnight so that the oil can’t freeze. The plug is stuck out under the hood or radiator’s grid. Some cars are covered by electric blanket that is fed from the plug as well. In Anckoridge, they say, cars also have plugs, but the drivers hide them under the hood because it’s unnecessary and not neat.

It is about 100 km from here to Russia. Navigator shows the border between Alaska and Chukotka.

In a shop the ice-cream is being sold and a wall of the fridges stands.

Snowed couple of jalopy-like cars. Every one rides a Ski Doo.

Shishmareff villagers are about 300 people. But rules are followed – in the midst of snow steppes a limits sign stands.

Craphouses are in the street.

Some fresh carcass.

Some skin.

Here are specific polar garbage cans. Look like tanks in which the metal is poured out, but smaller. Metal lid, obviously, prevents animals from eating the waste.

The area is littered with garbage sacks around. Antlers, Coca-Cola tins and other garbage I wasn’t able to recognize.

The attempt to send a postcard home failed. Post office was closed and the postbox – amazingly- was wrapped in the packet and taped. No one ever used it.

Improbably that a tourist has ever been here.

Locals look this way.

It is nothing here.

The beauty.
Good photos. I'm sure ole Michelle there really appreciates that notice on the wood pole.

4 hours? I'm thinking some teen aged kid either lied or exagerrated by 3 hours and 55 minutes!
Having lived in Alaska six years, outside Anchorage , I can well remember how badly things look when the ice and snow is in the process of welting away. It's not a pretty sight.

However, once that is all gone, Alaska breaks out into one magnificant place. All the sale, gravel, and dirt is washed away from the roads, building, and other places, and it looks different from the shots above.


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