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Taliban repeating Al-Qaida-Iraq's error in Pakistan?
We are talking only about the jews who returned to judaism after faking to be christian.
First because it was these poeple who were sentenced to be burned alive under the Inquisition or risked to be so, second because those who remained christians forgot that they were jewish 500 years ago.

Nobody realy knows how many jews converted to christianism for good and how many faked it until they were killed or escaped. For that we would have to read all the documents of the inquisition.
But it safe to say that a large part of these jews are ancestors of today catholic spaniards.

Also jews had also the otpion to live Spain if they didn't want to convert. And interrestingly several thousands of them found refuge the Pontifical States in Italy!

Kamil, thanks for prooving that 500 or 1000 years ago muslims were more tolerant that today.
Ottoman occupation of Balkans ended 1870 through 1915 it is not 500 to 1000 years ago.

In the meantime:
Quote:The Serb massacre of around 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in July 1995 remains agony to the survivors, professional challenge to lawyers and scientists, and a source of political polarisation among Bosnians and Serbs, reports Peter Lippman.
The discovery of a mass grave in August 2006 near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia containing the remains of 1,150 Bosnian victims of the Srebrenica massacre is only the most recent evidence of the scale of the atrocity

I wasn't discussing the Spanish Inquisition,though one could use it as another example. No one converts due to threats,they just fake it or not. Generations later do not stay faking it was my point.

BTW,if anyone wants to study persecution of Christians and see how it helps grow the Church,read Tacitus' accounts of Nero's persecutions.
Yes Kamil, I was sarcastic.
I agree that for the Ottoman empire and also for other nations, political an economical power was more important than religious power. And it always become a religious issue when religious communities or a group of poeple or nations rallying around the same religious ideology start to have a significant political and economical impact.

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