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Obama the Isolationist?
Palladin Wrote:I think the Bolsheviks were going to win that fight though either way. Sort of the same way I see Iran in 1979,too much of the populace was done with the old order.

Two different things here.... that someone was going to overthrow the old order (in both cases) maybe was unavoidable. That it was Khomeini in case of Iran also makes some sense (we see the trend of Islamisation all over, Turkey is the latest). But that it was specifically a minor Bolshevik faction that managed to win over competing left-wing groups is an aberration, explainable by foreign financing.

Notice that merely a leftist government does not yet mean a communist dictatorship, Weimar republic in Germany was ruled by conventional (and less bloodthirsty) socialists for a few years...then became more capitalist...and only then national-socialist. The sci-fi scenario I mentioned above assumes the same course in Russia...feasible.

This financing was from before Hammer....he came into play via the same New York connections, a few years later.

Yes, I think restraining France can be classified as rationality (no irony); their demands were insane.

Interesting about the small world..... your link smells of the left.....
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked

The link smells bad,but,that's the way to find Ricky when you type in his name,far left ideology. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he isn't in his heart a Marxist.

Another guy I went to school with,Gene Kimmelman, is big time in lefty politics,though IMO not radical stuff. He's actually a very fine gentleman. His mother is Myra Kimmelman,she is still alive,survived Auschwitz while the rest of her family perished. They lived near me as a kid,she still does.

The article below mentions Gene and another school mate,Charlie Ergen,isn't it odd how they worked together? Charlie was a basketball jock type,Gene was a cleancut I am going to save the world pied piper. Gene ran the US Consumer's Union until he went to work for.....Obama.

Ergen got his way and runs Dish Network. The article describes them perfectly.

OFT.. Oh well, I read the 2nd volume of that Alt. History book. The fascists take over most of the world. There is some hard-to-finger-exactly similarity to Stirling's Draka.... at the very least, it is on the same level of quality so it is not obvious which side is the good guys.

Green, have you read it? If yes, your opinion would be interesting.
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked


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