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You can still hold two separate threads until Erdogan change the Turkish constitution to an Islamic one. Then you'll have to merge the threads.
One step closer to returning to Biblical norms S6
Sodomia delenda est

(08-15-2016, 12:02 PM)mv Wrote: One step closer to returning to Biblical norms S6

Are we supposed to be surprised?  Shock

And didn't the Big Mo take a six year old when he was on his tear?

Yes, it is surprising. Why waste time and not to make it six now?
Sodomia delenda est

And -- nothing personal -- any references to Big Mo's sex life make me cringe.

The thing is that Big Mo most likely never existed, he is a composite reflection of three entities, two real and one generalized Arab tribesman. While it is true that the latter component was and still is prone to sex with pre-puberty girls, citing an imaginary personal is wrong.

Likewise, while it is proper to observe that Superman had an unhealthy and likely sexual addiction to phone booths, one should not use this for any generalizations.
Sodomia delenda est

Turkey is still moderate and secular. In Arabia, it's "licit" (understand legal) according to the Sharia Law to perform sexual attouchements on an infant without limit of age "even on a 6 months old baby" as long as there is no penetration[sic]. They still recognized that it looked somewhat immoral to do so, but insisted it was not a crime.
I posted the video somewhere...
According to the Coran, the consenting age is 9. So Turkey is still 3 years above muslim norms. 9 is believed to be the age when Mo took Aisha sexualy, with penetration. 6 was her age when she was officialy sold to him.
So because Mo felt like taking her one morning when she was 9, it became law for billions of poeple during 1400 years.
In Afghanistan, an Imam bought a 9 YO girls from a poor family. As he couldn't get inside, he took his knife to enlarge the vaginal orifice and then proceeded. In the morning the girl was dead.
When the villagers found the dead girl in her blood soaked sheets, they looked briefely toward the imam disaprovingly so he expressed his regrets but he remained the spiritual guide of the village nonetheless.
Turkish parliament approves deal ending rift with Israel

This is one more sign that Israel didn't take part in the coup.
Erdogan is visibly looking for an alliance with the Herbrew State against Assad and others. (well, an alliance is an alliance).
Yet, I don't know how he will explain that to his muslim followers...
After his triumph at the referendum, Sultan Erdogan presents his new governement:

[Image: 13707641_10206583497533786_9209126683345...96x520.jpg]
The Recep commandoes!

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