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What are you Reading?
If you were referring to the county library, this must mean that you don't use an eReader, correct?  You must still use books.  The truth is that I pretty much gave up on real books, because I can obtain almost anything I want on the internet, and they are in epub, mobi, pdf, format.  I have a Huge library that I keep on my computer and have just about anything I wish.  Furthermore, I can change almost any format to epub, which I normally read because my reader is a B&N Nook.  It seems like almost everyone owns a Kindle, and since I's an Individualist, I just had to go against the grain.  S5

You should try an eReader sometime.  Its so easy to use, and you can read it anywhere.  I just got a haircut yesterday, and took my Nook along.  Go to the doctor, or anywhere that I may have to wait?  I carry my Nook with me.  I could even download epubs on to my smart phone, which has a 6"  screen, and read from it too.  Only problem with them is that smartphones have batteries that get run down quickly.  An eReader uses only "e-ink" which uses little power, so my battery keeps holding a charge for days.

Anyway, I just assumed you did this, and when you mentioned library, my first thought was "Which web library", because there are lots of them. I haven't been to the country library for years now.


I have a copy of Brad Thor's latest book, Use of Force. I enjoyed it. I obtained it from Amazon. It cost $8.52 (in hardback). That included shipping. I might have waited a few months and gotten it in paperback form for less. But I received this on August 28. Hey Bill, come over and I'll let you have my copy. I've already read it.

Since I still do not have the use of a car of my own, I have not been able to frequent the Public Library as often as I wish. Getting a book by mail cheap through Amazon is a good deal for me.
I use an eReader all the time. Libraries do allow you to check out electronic copies as well as paper. I usually am so far out in front of waiting for books that the wait is not a real issue. Even at just a few bucks a book, buying as many books as I read would be too costly.

Don't worry, Ron, my order is nearly ready.
Weird. As we all probably know, Vince Flynn and Brad Thor write in the same genré of espionage adventure, with Mitch Rapp and Scot Horvath playing the President's personal spy/assassin. I think after Vince Flynn died and Kyle Mills took over his series, that the two have written a very similar plot line. Both have Russia starting WWIII by attacking Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Rapp. in "Red War" fights against a "Putin" alias to help a failing NATO and an America with no skin in the game. I'm 20 chapters in on Thor's "Spy Master" and Horvath has uncovered the Russian plot to start WWIII by invading Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, while compromising NATO.

Both novels seem to stage this plot line around the mess Obama left the world in. Almost all the problems that allowed Russia to play this role were fixed by Trump.

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