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What are you Reading?
Only smarter people can do that John. We all make mistakes, not everyone learns from them immediately. I am glad I did with the few I have made, and that was I aware and observant enough to learn from the mistakes of others and understand advice from older men.

BTW, its a man's duty to provide advice on their mistakes, lessons and experiences to younger men. I think this is essential.
You want my advice then?

Pull the $%&@ out!!!
ghoullio Wrote:You want my advice then?

Pull the $%&@ out!!!


See here.
Ok, I get you now. You are telling me that you didn't pull out soon enough. I believe the Rhythm Method is less than fool-proof though. Many Catholics have been able to confirm that.

I believe I can come up with a better solution. Wink1

It's called a 3-pack of jimmy's. It's not hard to buy them - I figure if you cannot buy them at the counter, you obviously need a rethink of what you're up to.

Anyhow, anyone familiar with the Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell? There are five of them and they are excellent by far, set in King Alfred's Wessex.

Does anyone know any other books in the same vein?
"Towers of Midnight" in the Wheel of Time series. Got the book yesterday and I'm more than halfway through it already...
I enjoyed that series, but I am several books behind now...
[Image: SalmaHayekcopy.jpg]
Wow, really? I haven't met many people who have read any of the WoT books. It's a fantastic series, I prefer it over Tolkein actually.

The past few books by Jordan kind of lagged, but the last two released books have been great, they have more than made up for the past ten years. I challenge you to pick the series back up again, you wont be disappointed...
Now reading

You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers
The story is so complex, I was actually thinking about starting at the beginning. I saved all of em!
[Image: SalmaHayekcopy.jpg]
Not a bad idea, I restarted before the last one came out and i made it to book 7.

I'm within 100 pages of finishing the newest one. I'm pumped, this series has really taken off within the last two books!
I just finished reading David Weber's latest novel Out of the Dark. Weber is the author of the fabulously popular Honor Harrington series. This is a real departure for Weber, since he sets his story in our present world, about 2014, which is very near future. He presents credible reasons for the alien Shongairi to attack earth, and why they went against the Hegemony's prohibitions against attacking such an advanced "Level 2" civilization. They use kenetic energy weapons to decimate the military strength of earth's most powerful nations (they drop rocks on us from space), thus killing about half of the human race. But humans turn out to have better weapons for fighting ground actions, and keep on fighting, especially in North America, where there are more guns than people, causing immense losses to the alien troops and equipment. The "Out of the Dark" idea stems from the idea of vampires emerging from the shadows to save what is left of humanity--but that only happens near the end, when the aliens in frustration give up on trying to enslave humans, and are trying to engineer a bioweapon to wipe out all of humanity.

As usual, Weber is very detailed in his descriptions of various guns, rifles, mortars, SAMs, ammunition, jet fighters, tanks, APCs, etc., and why they are so effective against the Shongairi equivalents--mainly the Shongairi have never fought native species armed with anything better than crossbows and swords, so their tank armor is too light, and their tactics and military doctrine have not been developed while facing serious challenges.

A very entertaining novel--at times hard to put down. Only Weber could have pulled off such a story this well.
Quest - Wilbur Smith
Ron Chernow. Washington, a Life

Out of library today. First 50 pages great. Anyone know of the author?
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
August 1914 - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, part of the Red Wheel series.
"The Resurrection of The Son of God" by Bishop NT Wright of Durham. well researched work. Second time I've read it.
"Winters Heart" by Robert Jordan.
"History of time", audio.
Reading Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and John Ringo.

I think Mitch Rapp, Scot Horvath, and Mark Harmon (Ghost) are all the same guy.

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