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Good Hardware Prices
This flier from came in yesterday, but I didn't get around to opening it til now. Great prices I believe.

Alright, here is a deal that is just too good to pass up: Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB 5900 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive. It's an unbelievable $69.99, including free shipping. That's right, 2 TBs. Can you believe that?

Unfortunately, the sale ends on November 30th. For the normal price of one of these babies, you can actually obtain two of them.

If you pass up on this deal, Shame On You! Shock

Here's the entire sale page.

Let me go a little further out on a limb here, with hard drives. I just noticed the customer ratings on the Seagate hard drive, and it has a three of five egg rating. I once remember the owner of Crackerbarrel Old Country Store, Danny Evans, say that for every person who compliments over something, seven will complain. It's just statistics. My best guess is that you will never have a problem with this drive.

However, if you go right here, you will find a Samsung drive, which is 2 TBs and ten dollars more. Check out the customer ratings. And note that Samsung gets a special customer satisfaction rating at NewEgg. To have 225 ratings, and to average 5 out of 5 Eggs, that is simply astounding!

I love my two Samsung 1.5TB drives. I keep one inserted in my docing bay upstairs all the time, and it is only warm to the touch. Just slightly warmer than body temperature. That's amazing, because cool running drives are longer living drives.

Unfortunately, 105 TBs are not enough to house all of what I have stored. I really need a 2 TB drive, and perhaps a 3TB eventually. I have so much on the 1.5 TB drive that I can no longer defrag it, it's so full of data, almost all music.

Anyway, if you are afraid to take a chance on the Seagate, the Samsung it a no-brainer. And with so many satisfied customers, you can't go wrong.

Sale ends payday. :?

I have plenty of hard-drive space with my Toshiba 400gb and my Western Digital 750gb and I haven't filled them all up yet, though I am over halfway with music and movies on my 750gig.
Here are some really great deals I found today.

First, Hard drives. Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64 MB . The storage is very reasonable, and it has 64 MB Cache, which is great. Customer reviews are fairly good, but not as good as the Samsung below.

Also, there is my favorite drive: SAMSUNG EcoGreen F2 HD154UI 1.5TB 32MB Cache SATA. I have been using two of these for several months now, as backup drives, and they run cool, efficiently, and quite fast for a 5400rpm drive. I only wish it had a 64meg cache like the WD above. I originally paid almost $100 for mine, so the drop in cost is a real clincher. I'm going to order two more, and use a RAID system with them.

And lastly, there is this: Microsoft Natural Elite 104-Key USB/PS/2 Ergonomic Keyboard (Beige). It's $13.99 each, and the most comfortable keyboad to access with fingers and hand palms. When you place your index fingers on the "F" and "J" keys and both thumbs on the space bar key, you just know your hands were meant to be there naturally. I am big on keyboards, because I'm a good typist, and took typing in high school. I usually type around fifty words a minute, and with this keyboard, I can easily increase my speed. Without a doubt this keyboard, which is one of the oldest ones, is the best computer keyboard ever made.

It's beige, which makes it easy to see, even in dim lighting, totally unlike a black keyboard. And the keys are very sensitive to the touch, more than any keyboard I have ever typed on. If you are a good touch typist, you can literally fly on this keyboard. I have a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard 4000 upstairs, and it's a royal pain in the backside. The black keyboard is hard to see, when looking for a special key, and the sensitivity is not as good. And it's far more expensive, being newer.

Anyway, this is a pretty new batch of refurbished keyboards for sale, and this time I am going to order at least two more of them, just in case Microsoft goes nuts and discontinues their production. If you need a new keyboard, this is the one to get. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised. Hell, it even comes with a PS2 to USB adapter. What a deal Lucille!

[Image: A11-00337-PB-R-unit.jpg][Image: A11-00337-PB-R-soft.jpg]

I just purchased this hard drive, over at the Raleigh CompUSA/Tiger Direct store, for $79, plus tax. I could have ordered it at Amazon and gotten free S/H and no tax, but decided to get one locally, just in case I had problems.

Most people think Western Digital is the best of the best, but I think it is just perception. They are all good, and my favorite brand is the Samsung, which also offers a 2TB drive, but at a higher price.

My two Samsung 1.5TB drives are almost filled up with over 1TB of music, and about three hundred GBs of other stuff. so I am crowded. All I need to do now is get one more 2TB drive for backup on RAID configuration, and will have two backup drives, just in case.

I was expecting to have to jump through some hoops in getting the drive set up, since I am still using XP, but as soon as I pushed the connection into the SATA docking bay, it recognized the drive and installed the proper drivers. Then I just went into "My Computer's" Disk Management section, and did a quick format, assigning a drive letter to it, and I am now good to go.

It was a piece of cake. And the drive is a little warmer than my Samsung drives, but still just warm to the touch. If it does not break down, it will be a great investment. That is only .04c a GB. Wow! I remember just a few years ago when .07c a MB was the norm.

The most time consuming thing will be copying everything over to this drive, which will take about an entire day, for it all piecemeal.

Here is something else too. All other brands use the 5400 rpm drives for their 'green' drives, but Seagate goes the 5900rpm route. I suspect this will be slightly faster, and perhaps a little bit warmer. But the transfer speed is still almost as fast as the 7200 drives, which I believe will be on the way out, just as the 10,000rpm drives are.

I suspect in the future, the digital drives will be the primary OS drive, and these "green" drives will be for backup.

I'm also using a Seagate "Go Flex" exterior drive, which is the 1TB rendition of this drive. With the black plastic case, this drive is so quiet, you have to strain just to hear it perform. And when it is not in use, it completely shuts itself down. Startup again requires about five seconds for it to spin up to speed, so it's great for backup purposes. I use this drive for my initial downloading, accumulating, and general processing. Once I have enough material to transfer over, I move it to the larger storage drives, and just keep adding more music to the 1TB drive.

I go through a LOT of music. S5

[Image: goflex-desk-323x308.png]

John, what is the best external hard drive for backups, in your opinion?
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jt Wrote:John, what is the best external hard drive for backups, in your opinion?

That's perhaps more subjective than anything else "jt", and naturally I have my own favorite. Although I am not adverse to buying others, if the price is right.

Let me tell you more about this Seagate HD. When it is working, i.e. not shut down, it is warmer than the 5400 rpm drives. This one is 5900 rpm. But the difference is not all that much. Also, it's so quiet I really have to listen hard to hear it. And I am using a 'docking station', right out in front of me, about 2-3 feet away. The user just pushes the raw drive into the dock, and up it goes. There's no case. Mine is something like this one

[Image: 17-153-066-03.jpg]

The one I have downstairs is this exact one, but under a different brand name.

[Image: 411QhE28u2L._SS400_.jpg]

But my favorite drive, which is just my opinion, is the Samsung drives. It seems to get the least amount of bitching and moaning from customers, on Amazon, or Newegg, where I usually buy my drives. My two 1.5TB drives are always cool, never noisy, and work like troopers 24/7. And note the feedback, which is good. This drive was on the Newegg preferred customer list last year.

Keep in mind that it is the nature for geeks to bitch about anything and everything, even if it is their fault, so take the negative ratings with a grain of salt. And on Newegg, just like on Amazon, both places are eaten up with bitching geeks. S6

Anyway, I have no problems with any major drive. Most geeks, who are accustomed to yesterday, will almost universally go with Western Digital. And they too are great. But I am partial to Samsung, and if the price is right, I'll jump on one anytime I find one.

I love storage. I just wish those digital drives would hurry up and drop in price. I want one of them to use as a primary drive. I hear they are Smokin'.

Jt, here is another good buy IMO. Last week, it was not on sale, but is now $15 less for the 2TB drive.

Also, within the feedback portion, someone actually opened the case(which will void the warranty) and discovered that the drive is an Hitachi HDS722020ALA330, which is on sale for $120.00. That's $45.00 cheaper just by purchasing the former, rather than the bare drive. The former is already formatted too.

And note that the drive is a 7200rpm drive, which will be much faster. I'm going to get this one and crack the case, so as to use it within the primary quad core computer I just purchsed, but never did set up. It has Vista installed on a 200 GB drive, or something like that. By installing the 2TB, I can partition it and have a "C" for the OS, and a "D" for everything else. That way if I need to reinstall all over, I only have to reinstall the OS, with all the programs are still there on the "D" partition. At that low cost for a 2TB 7200rpm drive, who cares about the warranty. It's not that important.

Oh, and look closely at the feedback. Lots of Bitching Geeks. But I noticed that there were a lot of them, who are not being forthcoming about their gripes with Hitachi. Like I stated earlier, take the gripes with a grain of salt, especially if they don't fully explain what they did. Some complain about the drives being dead on arrival. I find that hard to believe that they didn't fail to do something wrong.

Another thing. Statistically my old boss, who owned Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, Danny Evans, told we managers that for every person who gives good feed back, there are seven who will give negative feed back. Everyone else doesn't bother. In other words, people just love to bitch. So take it with a grain of salt.

To my thinking, all drive makers have excellent quality control. For example, the Hatachi rep answered one griper, who reported clicking, by stating that if there is not enough voltage from the USB hub, the drive, like just about any drive, will click, because it is trying to do a job with less than optimum resources. But the customer still bitched and drove down the overall rating. And he most likely forgot to take the wall plug, which goes to the hub, and plug the damn thing into the power source. People like that are just plain Dumb, and then they blame everyone but themselves for their trouble. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm going to jump on to this one, and just void the warranty and use it as a primary drive with the quad system.

Thanks for the advice, John.
Jefferson: I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.
How about a new Commodore 64, with modern parts in its old exterior.
1.8 gigahertz dual processors.
Optional Blu-ray player.
Built-in ethernet and HDMI ports.
Can run Windows or Commodore OS.
$250 to $900.
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-Geddy Lee, Rush.
Jt, here is a wonderful example of how intellectual morons gum up the works for computer gear retailers. Just look closely at this Samsung page. If you look closely at the bottom of the page, there are a bunch of drives, which are also listed above, that are at a better than great price. But they do not get free S/H like the regular ones, because NewEgg is attempting to make up it's operating expenses, which morons have cost them.

What they have done is order a drive, get it, then proceed to be unable to set it up as anyone with common sense can do. So they contact NewEgg and demand a refund, and NewEgg is kind enough to send them a new one/refund their money, provided they return the first one.

NewEgg then takes the returned drive, and tests them. And low and behold, there is not a Damned thing wrong with the drive. It is the user who is defunct. So they have to resell the drive in order to get back their costs.

And even worse is the fact that this genius customer will also go to the product page, and post some stupid feedback, which is totally false. But it certainly makes him feel like he has been sticking it to the "Other" guy, who is really at fault.

That F3 HD103SJ was a really great buy. Too bad there were lots of other people who also thought so, and scarfed them up quickly. After all, it is a current "Customer Choice Award Winner. Minus the morons, of course.

I just received this flier about an hour ago. As always, lots of good stuff from NewEgg. If you get the chance, you really should subscribe to their daily E-Mail Sale reminder.

But note the top item. At 3TBs, and only $119.99 Free S/H, this is a Steal. But let me point out that you should read the particulars right here. By that I mean read the customer rating section. Just click on "feedback" and you will have all the ratings there. This is very interesting in that you will always find geeks, who are willing to 'crack the case' and discover all the wonders within.

And this one is no exception within the Hitachi realm. As usual, this hard drive is a....drumroll please,....a 7200rpm drive. Not a 5400 like all the other makers pack in their exteriour drives. This is significant because 7200rpm drives are the drive of choice for principle OS drives. 5400 drives are usually too slow for power players. So, the upshot is that for a song you can obtain a HUGE drive, that is 7200rpm, and can be used as the primary drive. WOW!!

Of course cracking the case will automatically void the warranty. But who is going to take the time to send it back, at that price, anyway?

One other thing: this item is a great example for me to point out how idiots are able to Muck up rating systems, by showing everyone that they are indeed idiots, cry babies, and just plain malcontents. If you read the ratings, you will see one bad rating. I always pay close attention to ratings, because they can always help me obtain a good idea as to the product,..................and the calibre of the ones doing the rating.

In this case one of the "usual suspects" has been allowed to display his total incompetence to one and all. And fortunately the Hitachi people are quick to jump on the issue. This also tells me that Hitachi is well aware of just how much idiots can influence 'normal' buyers. Here is what I mean, and see if you don't agree with me. Where do these Jackasses come out of the woodwork? He should be running for office.

TR Wrote:TR(1 Egg Review)

Pros: The unit is sleek and looks great on your desk

Cons: The product does not come with the caveat that it will not work with the 32 bit version of Windows XP yet the paperwork and spec's says that it is compatible with XP. The work around is far too time consuming.
Manufacturer Response:

Quote:Manufacturer Response: Thanks for your post. The drive does work with Windows XP 32 bit, it just needs to be formatted to work with it because it cannot address volumes over 2.2TB without formatting with the Conversion Utility. It is not really a workaround. You can find the instructions on this page:, under the question "How to format the XL3000 for use on Windows XP 32bit". If you need more help, please call HitachiGST Tech Support M-F 8AM to 6PM PST at 1.888.426.5214 and a technician will be happy to help you through the formatting process.


Gene Gilbert

Here is a great deal!. If you are like me, you never can have enough USB slots available. The price is great, I can order it directly through my Amazon account, and I can put it to good use immediately.

It's only USB 2, and if you are already into USB 3,.................well, what can I say? For that price, it's more than worth having around.

[Image: 223280071.jpg]

Ok, here is another great deal, in light of the Thai flood situation of several months ago. Its the Samsung F3 series of hard Drive, which can be found on this latest flyer. Its $30 off the regular NewEgg price. SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive.

Sale ends on 6/7/2012.

And what is so nice about the deal is that it is the latest Samsung generation of hard drives prior to being bought out by Seagate. Seagate is the largest HD maker, but they dwarf Western Digital in customer satisfaction. However, Samsung has an equally favorable reputation among computer geeks, and I almost always buy Samsung HDs because WD is always more expensive. Samsung has already started migrating to the SSDs and my guess is that they are cashing in on Seagate's less than stellar reliability reputation. I personally have had no problems with Seagate, but this is obviously a 'cult' thing.

I'm getting ready to upgrade one of my quad core machines with a 120Gig SSD, and supplement it with a larger, faster Samsung F3 unit. I see no sense in having to have a super duper large SSD(think big bucks), since one can get almost any system's possible program list on the SSD and have room to spare for extra storage memory. And these F3s have 32MBs of memory built in to its 7200rpm spin speed.

So if you are in the market for some good drives, at a very nice price, this is it. S5


Ok, here is a Great, Great, Great, buy. I just got this in my daily mail from Geeks, and was totally surprised by it.

Why was I surprised? Well, first of all, its a LED backlit monitor, which are now a dime a dozen. But what floored me was the screen size. Its a 1:1.6! I cannot emphasize this enough. I thought monitor makers had totally abandoned the 1:1.6 format in favour of the HDTV shape of 1:1.77.

As most of you know, I am Big on artistic beauty, and the Golden Ratio. This is in our genes. The combination of shapes that are 1:1.6 are the classic shape of beauty. Anything else our eye will recognize as not perfection. As I say, this is in our DNA, and is also found in mammals and even birds. They will always be attracted to the 1:1.6 ratio.

I have two large monitors for my two computer locations. The HP downstairs is an older monitor that has the 1:1.6 ratio. I can sit there and look at it all day, even from a distance, and my subconscious tells me that it is perfection. My upstairs HP monitor is the newer 1:1.77 and I felt forced to get it because I couldn't find another 1:1.6 monitor that was LED backlit. But I made certain the frame was big enough at the bottom that the overall shape equaled the 1:6 overall dimensions. It really helps my sense of perspective, but it isn't quite perfect, and I know it.

This monitor has the exact same height as my 23" monitor, but it is just not as wide. And its perfect.

So if you are artistic minded, you will have to take the plunge and order this great monitor for such a low price. Its a genuine steal, and I'm thinking seriously about getting one for a second monitor setup.

Don't waste any time on this, because people may not know why they are attracted to it, but they will be just the same. S5

[Image: VA2232WM-LED-PB-R-box.jpg]

Alright, here's another Great Buy, which I received a head's up about from this afternoon.

Everybody needs more storage capacity, and I am definitely one. In fact, my Samsung 1.5TB drive is almost at its limit. So I have been looking for at least a 3TB, but preferably a 4TB.

Well, this just in this afternoon, from

Western Digital My Book 4TB External Hard Drive WDBFJK0040HBK

[Image: western-digital-my-book-4tb-external-har...1407316941]

I've been looking at this and the Samsung exteror HD. But Samsung sold out its hard drive business to Seagate a couple of years ago. And I am not so certain Seagate is producing the same drives, which are always slightly warm to my touch. I have them sitting on an open double docking station, and can feel them. They are very cool and never make any noise, and I love them. But they are not big enough any longer.

So I went and bought this one today for $116.00, which is a really great buy. And its on sale for another five days, so if you are in need of something that can hold a lot of data, has a great reputation for dependability, this is the one to get. I'm tempted to get another one that is a bare drive so I can stick it into the double docking bay on my upstairs desk.

Here's a very good price on an Inateck 3 Port USB Hub. The price is hard to beat. S22

Hub with 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk External Enclosure Case for 9.5mm 7mm 2.5 Inch SATA HDD SSD - Deal Alert

[Image: inateck-3-ports-usb-3.0-hub-100676132-large.jpg]


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