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Coming war Against Israel
Those Evil Joos are at it again, going after those innocent Hezbollah tourists enjoying Syria's sunny climate.

Syrian media: Israel hits Hezbollah targets in Qalamoun area

Before you know it, they will be starting a war in a peaceful area of the world. Definitely not very smart. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!
How is it acceptable for Israel to bomb the middle of Syria w/o any war effort on Syria or Hezbollah's part against Israel?

You'd be outraged if either of them killed some Jews in Tel Aviv wouldn't you for the same pretense?

Or would you feel the same way?
(12-26-2015, 09:47 PM)Palladin Wrote: How is it acceptable for Israel to bomb the middle of Syria w/o any war effort on Syria or Hezbollah's part against Israel?

You'd be outraged if either of them killed some Jews in Tel Aviv wouldn't you for the same pretense?

Or would you feel the same way?

They are in a de facto war with Hezbollah, in case you haven't bothered to notice that. And they are very selective about who and what they go after. Try applying that same scrutiny on the other side for once, why don't you?

I know, you are outraged that those bully Joos don't just sit in their little enclave and suck their thumbs until the Islamic butchers come in their homes and start slaughtering them. Then you can have an excuse to wring your hypocritical hands and bemoan how Islam shouldn't have done what the did. Fortunately, those Joos aren't going to sit back and play by your rules. But that's too bad, isn't it? After all, its 99% those Evil Joos' fault, isn't it?
Have a Gneiss Day!
Syria is not at war with Israel and that's where this happened, they have an internal conflict and the IDF keeps attacking either Syrian or allied forces inside Syria.

Israel never attacks a Sunni side in this war and the Sunni jihadis have a hold on Syria's sector of the Golan, now why would that be? Think they have an understanding with Netanyahu?

I rail on the USA and I will on Israel for assisting Sunni Islam's jihad which is enhancing persecution of Syria's minorities which includes the church.

That doesn't make me a Nazi. You resorting to the accusation does tell me you don't do a ton of thinking before reacting.

I oppose the Sunni jihad and I side with my Christian brothers and sisters. I'd oppose the Shiites if they were harassing the church over there.
(12-27-2015, 12:54 AM)Palladin Wrote: Syria is not at war with Israel and that's where this happened, they have an internal conflict and the IDF keeps attacking either Syrian or allied forces inside Syria.

The Hell it isn't. Syria has been officially at war with Israel since 1948. Try learning some unbiased history for a change.

You still don't understand the history since Israel declared independence. Its Arab neighbors, Jordan and Egypt are officially at peace with them because they renounced their declaration of war against Israel, and officially signed a peace treaty. Has Syria? Has it?

Syria Never, ever renounced its declaration of war. They are still officially at war with Israel. When Syria officially declares peace and concludes a treaty as with Jordan and Egypt, then they will no longer be at war. Did you get that Einstein?

And Hezbollah has officially declared itself at war with Israel, because they are proxies of Iran. But Israel doesn't go out of its way to destroy its enemies. It selectively uses force to prevent the enemy from becoming too dangerous to their security.

You just don't get it because you Don't Want to get it. To you Israel is the Evil Enemy over there, because they have the audacity to defend themselves. Why don't you just come right out and say it. You Despise Israel, just as that 'so called' church keeps preaching to you. Talk about Christian love and forgiveness!?

Quote: Israel never attacks a Sunni side in this war and the Sunni jihadis have a hold on Syria's sector of the Golan, now why would that be? Think they have an understanding with Netanyahu?

Did it every occur to you that perhaps the Sunni side is not attacking Israel? Did it? Of course not.

Quote: I rail on the USA and I will on Israel for assisting Sunni Islam's jihad which is enhancing persecution of Syria's minorities which includes the church.

That doesn't make me a Nazi. You resorting to the accusation does tell me you don't do a ton of thinking before reacting.

Projection anyone? Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

Try not projecting yourself on to others for a change. I do more than just a ton of thinking. I do a ton of reading and I don't skim over it either. I digest it. You should try taking your time and gathering it ALL in for a change.

Quote: I oppose the Sunni jihad and I side with my Christian brothers and sisters. I'd oppose the Shiites if they were harassing the church over there.

Israel's first priority, bar none, is its own security, and the security of its citizens. Period. Then and only then can it afford to take on other crusades. Had you taken the time to read some of the articles I discussed about the Kurds, and how Israel was training them and supplying them with arms, you would know that they are not only helping them, but the Assyrians and Yazidies as well. Israel can't be the savior of everything over there, in spite of how you choose to view it.
Have a Gneiss Day!

Stop being so legalistic. If Syria bombed Tel Aviv right now, you wouldn't say, "well, they're at war after all since 1948, all is fair in love and war". Would you? So why use it when Israel bombs others?

You'd be outraged, can you not admit that? Why is it OK for Israel to bomb in the middle of Syria then?

Yes, I get the paradigm over there.

Here's the historic paradigm, I ask you to correct any flaws in this:

1) Jews are persecuted in Europe.

Jews begin buying land in Palestine from say 1880 to 1947 to the extent they now lawfully owned ~15% of the land. I posted a map of the land divisions pre 1948 a while back.

Original zionist movement was a secularist movement.

2) Holocaust surviving Jews then exit Europe and they start flooding into Palestine where Arabs own most the property. Is this accurate so far?

Very bad move, historic error, Jews could not have made a worse decision of where to form a secular state. Remember, this is not a theocracy we're discussing, they do the gay rights marches and all the good stuff we do. This is not a plan for success.

The people who reject modern Israel did not deserve that and you cannot admit that. This is a historic injustice to them and that can't change, it just is.

The holocaust is not the only unjust act in world history John. Jews made a huge error insisting on forming a secular state in Palestine.

3) Jews are not invited into Palestine, they just come like crazy. Sounds like illegal immigration and the British treated it this way.

That's how the local Arabs saw it, was that unreasonable for either one or should everyone have assumed Jews have the right to this place and we're outta here? Seriously? After 2000 years?

Europeans perped the holocaust right? Not Palestinian Arabs. If you lived there, would you have said, "no problem, come on down"?

Things start getting really unstable at this point.

4) So, 1948 the UN offers the locals 50% of the land when they owned 85% and they told the UN to stuff it. Would you have accepted this division in their shoes. yes or no? It's a reasonable question.

5) Israel takes most the rest by arms at the rejection point.

I fail to see the justice of this entire deal. No wonder Israel worries about their security, they will never rest making a state among those folks.

They were not thinking properly after the holocaust. A secular state of Jews in the middle of hundreds of millions of Muslims via force after 2000 years of exile. Wow.
Here is just one more piece of almost certainly Israel propaganda. Its put out by someone named Khaled Abu Toameh*, who calls himself an Arab Muslim reporter. In the report, he discusses the abject ignorance by newcomers to the area, and especially reporters, who are the worst of the lot.

Palestinians: Western Media's Ignorance and Bias: translated from the German. Its full of interesting information about biases running rampart.

Quote:"One memorable journalist, several years ago, asked to visit the "destroyed" city of Jenin, where "thousands of Palestinians had been massacred by Israel in 2002." She was referring to the IDF operation in the Jenin refugee camp where nearly 60 Palestinians, many of them gunmen, and 23 IDF soldiers were killed in a battle.

Pity aside, this degree of incomprehension -- and professional laziness -- is difficult to imagine in the Internet age.

But when it comes to covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ignorance apparently is bliss. Misconceptions about what goes on here plague the international media. The binary good guy/bad guy designation tops the list. Someone has to be the good guy (the Palestinians are assigned that job) and someone has to be the bad guy (the Israelis get that one). And everything gets refracted through that prism.

Yet the problem is deeper still. Many Western journalists covering the Middle East do not feel the need to conceal their hatred for Israel and for Jews. But when it comes to the Palestinians, these journalists see no evil. Foreign journalists based in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have for years refused to report on the financial corruption and human rights violations that are rife under the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas regimes. They possibly fear being considered "Zionist agents" or "propagandists" for Israel.

Finally, there are the local journalists hired by Western reporters and media outlets to help the cover the conflict. These journalists may refuse to cooperate on any story that is deemed "anti-Palestinian." Palestinian "suffering" and the "evil" of the Israeli "occupation" are the only admissible topics. Western journalists, for their part, are keen not to anger their Palestinian colleagues: they do not wish to be denied access to Palestinian sources."

*Khaled Abu Toameh biography.
Have a Gneiss Day!
And in the "Say it Isn't so, Joe" category, the New York Times has had to reclarify an article that has caused much anger and accusations against the Evil Israeli Joos. In the January 14th article, Evictions in Walled Old City Stir Up a ‘Hornet’s Nest’, Diaa Hadid stated that Jewish people living in Jerusalem, were evicting Palestinians from their homes for purely political reasons. But critics have contended that the article gave a definitive Palestianian slant, by not offering the other side, or the court's findings.

Quote:The Palestinian families and their supporters claim the evictions, often based on seemingly arcane violations of their rental agreements, are part of a broader agenda to create Jewish enclaves inside the historic Muslim Quarter. Already, blue-and-white Israeli flags have been strung across some of Khaldiyya’s windows, marking the homes of Jewish families and a yeshiva.

The idea, Palestinian advocacy groups say, is to make it more difficult to ever divide the holy city along the lines of a longstanding United States proposal that would make East Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian state. They accuse Jewish groups of trying to reorder residency patterns to bolster Israeli claims of sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, including the areas that Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war and later annexed. But Daniel Luria, the executive director of Ateret Cohanim, a group that helps settle Jews in predominantly Arab areas in and around the Old City, said that “it is the natural and historical right of Jews to live anywhere in Jerusalem.” Though Ateret Cohanim is not involved in these particular evictions, Mr. Luria argued that these rights are even more relevant for buildings that “happen to be in an area they were kicked out of because of pogroms and riots.”

But all these claims have had to be walked back by the editors of the NYTimes. They posted "after the fact" that there were corrections in order. Unfortunately, the article has already been sent out, and who would know of these corrections?

Here's what they wrote:

Quote:Editors’ Note: January 26, 2016
The Jerusalem Journal article on Jan. 15 about Palestinian residents of Jerusalem’s Old City who face eviction by Israeli organizations gave an incomplete description of the legal disputes in several cases. The descriptions were based on the tenants’ accounts; the article should have included additional information from court documents or from the landlords. (The landlords are organizations that have reclaimed properties owned by Jews before Israel was established in 1948.)

In the case of Nazira Maswadi, the article said her new landlord was trying to evict her based on a claim that her estranged husband was dead (he is still alive). In fact, the landlord claims in court filings that the Maswadi family has not proved that it has paid rent.

In another case, the article quoted Nawal Hashimeh as saying she was being evicted for replacing a door to her apartment. But according to court documents, her rent payments had also been rejected because they were submitted by her son, whom the landlord said it had no contractual relationship with. (The landlord also claimed that three rent checks fell short of the amount owed.)

In a separate case, the article said Nora Sub Laban faced accusations that she had not continuously lived in her apartment, though she claimed that she had never left it. While the article said that Ms. Sub Laban had been battling eviction efforts for four decades and that the Israeli Supreme Court must now decide whether to consider her appeal, it should have noted that an Israeli court in 2014 upheld a lower-court finding that she had not returned to live at the property after renovations were completed in 2000 or 2001.

While the reporter tried to reach representatives of the landlord in the Sub Laban case, The Times should also have tried to reach the landlords involved in the other cases and their lawyers.

But this is just the very latest misreported story by Ms. Hadid, who clearly has an anti-Israel agenda in her reporting involving Israel. Yet the NYTimes continues to pay for her articles. Either they are stupid, or they agree with her attitude.

Last year Ari Lieberman, of quoted "Honest Reporting , awarding NYTimes the award of the second most dishonest paper in 2014, and first in 2013. He also showed how Hadid's article, “Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinian Men” . It was also noted that the title was less than accurate, as compared to three other paper's title of the same story.

And Ms Hadid has made no attempts to hide her anti-Israeli thinking.

Quote:...The intensity of Hadid's involvement over the last nine months has had a strong impact on her views. When she first arrived in the Middle East, Hadid expressed a desire to make more Israeli friends. Now she has trouble separating the personal from the political.

"I can't look at Israelis anymore. I can't separate your average Israeli citizen from the occupation, I don't want to be friends with them, I don't want to talk to them," says Hadid...

..."To this day I'd never say that I am anti-anybody. But did my objectivity get thrown out the window? Yes. Because I had an Israeli gun pointing at me, not a Palestinian one," says Hadid...

And this is not all. In another NYTimes article, critiqued by News Busters,she reported on an incident where Palestinian males attacked a Jewish man, by throwing rocks at his automobile, which led to his lose of control, killing him in the crash. Her report stated,

Quote:A statement from the Israeli police said the assailants were throwing stones on Sunday night on a road that runs between a Palestinian and Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The police said the stone-throwing “led to a self-inflicted accident,” as the man lost control of the car and smashed into a pole.

Obviously to her thinking, the rock throwing and its pelting effect, had nothing to do with the accident. Interesting.
Have a Gneiss Day!
I'm certain that this little slip, it just couldn't be on purpose S5, will cause all the "Evil Joo" haters to go ecstatic and cheer.

Yet Another Map Fail: Discovery Channel and Medical Journal Maps Erase Israel

Quote:Hot on the heels of Israel’s erasure from the map by CNN, NPR, and the Health Professions Council of South Africa, the latest example has been brought to our attention.

HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker comments:

Quote:Whether the result of deliberate malice or sheer incompetence, the result is the same: Israel has been erased from the map. The Discovery Channel needs to take responsibility for what is a serious error and include a clarification and correction on any future reruns.

Given the continuing campaign of delegitimization, it is completely unacceptable for Israel not to be included on any map of the Middle East by the media. HonestReporting intends to pursue these map failures whenever and wherever they occur.

CNN Erases Israel From the Map

NPR Erases Israel From the Map

[Image: npr240116.jpg]

Quote:The offending map has been removed following a complaint from HonestReporting. In its place is the following:

Quote:Editor’s note: The original version of this post contained a map illustration intended to represent the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, which poll respondents identified as the region presenting the greatest risk to travelers and expatriates in 2016. The map had a number of errors. The countries of Cyprus, Israel and Turkey were either not shown or not labeled; the label for “Palestine” should have read “Palestinian territories”; and Afghanistan and Pakistan were mistakenly included. NPR apologizes for these errors.

Map Fail: Medical Journal Erases Israel

[Image: sa-journal-map.jpg]
Have a Gneiss Day!
Bebe on Ethnic Cleansing for Peace.

"In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli - civilian or soldier - on our lands.” - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in 2013 meeting with journalists in Cairo,
Have a Gneiss Day!

Thing is Bebe is determined to occupy all Palestine forever, he has no intentions for long term peace by negotiation with a 2 state solution, so it's just ignorant to constantly blame Abbas and make Bebe out as a hero. The IDF is occupying EJ and the WB, Abbas does not have troops in Israel.

He's nothing but a bully at this point.

Now, some wise and virtuous retired IDF soldiers have formed an organization saying exactly what I have been about the persecution of their weaker neighbors. Hat's off to the German government as well, I wish the American government acted like this, it would help the better side of Israeli society be what God meant for a Jew to be and screwing with weaker folks ain't it:
The problem, which you refuse to recognize Patrick, is that first, this is about life or death of Israel. And second, separating the high percentage of Palestinian fanatics from the gentler ones is not easy to do. If you had something like this threatening your existence, you may feel differently.

But for you this is a mental exercise in semantics, and you can sit back here, and not have to take part. In other words, you are intellectually involved, while the Israeli are physically committed. That tends to create a huge difference.
Have a Gneiss Day!
The problem you fail to recognize is it is NOT about the security or death of Israel.

The Pals nor Jordan are any threat to Israel's security, certainly not like Egypt could be.

Israel gave back and left Sinai, that kind of shows how utterly devoid of logic this "Israel is in danger from a handful of Palestinian Arabs but not 75 million Egyptians".

It's ridiculous, anti intellectual horseshit to say a handful of Palestinians is a threat and 75 million Egyptians with a USA armed military are so OK we can leave Sinai, but, we need to occupy EJ and the WB and oh btw, send OUR citizens to steal their land. They are so dangerous let's have road blocks every other city block and control the Arab's movement in THEIR land.

The soldiers in the article above are eyewitnesses to the persecution of their weaker neighbors. You should consider their opinions. It is not easy to be an Israeli soldier and tell your own people how awful your nation is treating weaker folks.

An American analogy would be like about 50 thousand US soldiers testifying how evil we acted in X war. Think about that a minute, do your own numbers. If that won't get your attention, you're incapable of considering the truth here.

50,000 US soldiers forming an organization to teach the USA how evil our nation is conducting itself via their eyewitness testimony.
Don't avoid these IDF soldiers, John. An = of 50,000 US soldiers would have to form an organization to be the = of these >1000 IDF soldiers.

They don't mean anything?
No comment on what would be 50,000 US soldiers if this were an American phenomenon? From none of you ?
No. The only issue is protecting Israel from brainwashed zealots who believe all the nonsense Palladin has evidently recently discovered. Disinformation is still disinformation, regardless if you go looking for it, or it is forced on you as a child in Palestinian grade schools. Why not look as hard to understand what is wrong with the dire claims and learn what is really going on?
Yea, brainwashed zealots like the > 1000 IDF soldiers ( which would be = to 50,000 American soldiers) forming an organization to demonstrate to that nation( and the world) what Israel is doing while the people can't see.

They don't need robots as citizens, they need thinking people who do not accept persecution as a way of life. These soldiers are doing their part.
While the US is fighting illegal immigration, and everyone is looking at the caravan moving through Mexico northward, something else is being overlooked, which is every bit as significant. Carolyn Glick writes about it in her latest article: [url=][/url].

Quote:Whereas Trump’s efforts are directed towards stopping the flow of illegal migrants across America’s porous southern border, in Israel the flow of illegal aliens into its territory from Africa has already been stopped.

In 2013, Israel completed construction of a barrier along its 150-mile land border with Egypt. In the years before the “wall” was constructed Israel, was flooded with thousands of illegal migrants from Eritrea, Sudan, and Somalia. On a per capita basis, Israel had accepted more illegal aliens than Spain. But by 2017, with the barrier in place, illegal migration ended completely.

After the flow of illegals ended, Israel was left with the issue of how to manage the 40,000 illegal immigrants from Africa who had entered the country before the “wall” was built. Those migrants, who live primarily in the poor neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv, have turned those neighborhoods into violent crime-plagued zones.

There are four main groups that have been fighting Israel's soverignty. Radical Israeli Leftist groups, its leftist judiciary, radical far-left US Jewish groups, and.......

Quote:This, then brings us to the fourth partner in the coalition against Israeli sovereignty: the EU.

According to Im Tirtzu, the governments of Europe and the EU have donated $16.2 million to the Israeli NGOs that ran the campaign against deporting the illegal aliens. And according to Netanyahu, the EU played a central role in forcing Rwanda to renege on its agreement to accept the deportees.

Working together, over the past three years, the four sides of the anti-Israeli sovereignty coalition overturned all three laws the Knesset had passed mandating the expulsion of the illegal migrants, and they ran a worldwide campaign to demonize Israel for its efforts to deport them.

But this week, the Rubicon was crossed. The public outcry against the deal was so immediate and so overwhelming that it forced two things to happen.

First, Netanyahu cancelled the deal with the UN. Second, and far more significantly, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced he will support a new law that bars the Supreme Court from overturning Knesset legislation on illegal immigration.

Since Netanyahu formed his current government in 2015, Kahlon’s soft-right Kulanu party has blocked every effort to reform the judiciary. His announcement signals that the Court has lost its immunity from Knesset oversight for the first time.

Following Monday’s events, many Israeli commentators have noted that the day’s drama made clear what the critical issue will be in next year’s general elections. The vote will not be about the Palestinians or the economy. The power of the court will be the decisive issue.

And the party that convinces the public it will restore the balance of power between the three branches of government by checking the power of Israel’s Supreme Court will win.
Have a Gneiss Day!

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