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We'll bomb you to Stone Age, US told Pakistan
I believe it to be true. Is it not exactly the fine art of American diplomacy we've been appreciating for many decades? War, terror, murder, covert operations, threats, blackmailing? Of course, totally justified in your eyes :lol:
Quote:I think Bush needs to send another envoy to Musharraf making the same alleged threats with credibility as he has recently signed a deal to allow al qaeda haven in Waziristan.
You kidding? I've been admonished not to call that creature on top of your republic names, but do you really believe he would have been awarded a second term without Al Quaeda? No, you don't. You are more intelligent than your president (as the overwhelming majority of Americans) is, you see the coherences. We know, the war must go on because it serves so many fine purposes, for example the rerouting of taxpayer money to the pockets of defence contractors. With no enemy, there's no war. Therefore, is it not safe to assume, if Pakistan protects Osama, it does so with American approval? You haven't caught him for so many years, after all.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

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