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We'll bomb you to Stone Age, US told Pakistan
Like some analysts are saying, I also think that Musharraf is pushing his upcoming book, and exaggerating world event news for his own personal gains. If that is what he is doing, I think he is a very wrong man for the position he is holding.
Following excerpt is from an article from BBC News:

In excepts from an interview with CBS released on Thursday, Gen Musharraf said the US had threatened to bomb Pakistan "back to the Stone Age" unless it joined the fight against al-Qaeda.

He said the warning had been delivered by former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to Pakistan's intelligence director.

Mr Armitage told the BBC he had told Gen Musharraf on Thursday: "I would never say that. I don't command aircraft and I didn't have the authorisation."

He confirmed he had held a conversation with the Pakistani general Mr Musharraf had sourced the comments to, but said had not threatened military action.

At the press conference, where Mr Bush spoke first, the US president said he knew of no such conversation.

In his response to a reporter's question on the subject, the Pakistani president said, to laughter, that he was "honour-bound" with his publisher not to discuss details of his autobiography due out next week.

Some analysts say the timing of his comments on CBS may be an attempt to generate interest in the book.

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