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Little to No Summer ice in the Arctic
I believe you live in the Northwest, in either eastern Washington/Oregon, but I could be wrong.  In the short run you are right.  However, remember you are a slave to what goes on around the Pacific Plates and some of the hot spots within.  Right now, you are enjoying what the latest Grand Solar Minimum is giving you, due to all that underwater volcanic activity.  But remember, once we descend into the next glaciation, this may not be your friend.  

I think I will stick to my South East location between northern South Carolina to Florida.   I love E. Tennessee, but know that the South East Coast is the safest, as long as it is at the Fall Line or higher.  I love the NW, having lived in Anchorage Alaska for six years.  But thinking long term, perhaps the area I mention has the best long term future.  

You know how we Southerners are, right?  S13
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
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