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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Let's get it all out on the table. Nixon talked about the silent majority. Nothing has changed there.

One cannot express political views without being shunned by the complicit but voluble class of entertainers, Education "experts", and MSM. Logic and facts should be the mainstay of intelligent thought - but they are only factors. Unheard factors that are difficult to put before the uninformed.

Trump is more effective than others because he is bigger than life and willing to lampoon and dishonor those offering disinformation , The bully pulpit used to be effective because Journalism recognized it and repeated it. Now, when only a fraction of information is passed on, and not without pejorative undertones, Those in the right have to work hard to reach the wretched ignorant, because their base is already informed. It may be unjust that they need to work so hard to inform those who need info the most, but it is a major constraint to be overcome.

Those who insult them for trying to be effective and understood, only add to the problem. It is hard to shine in the darkness, when the Left walls it off.

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