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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Several unmentioned things happened with that bill. The first is to realize it was not Trump's bill but the Obama spending bill began half a year ago. If Obama had signed a full bill instead of a continuing resolution, there wouldn't be a new budget until next October. One thing that Trump did get into the bill was to disconnect military spending from social projects. The Obama-era spending demanded parity. The bill includes 20-ft see-through steel walls replacing chain-link fencing, which was the construction the Defense Department wanted.

The Democrat Party is already lying about the bill. Look carefully at all the news reports mirroring the Democrat disinformation, and try not to swallow all the nonsense. What Trump's people did, was to sucker the Left into demanding big-picture, low-impact items, that they just took off the table forcing them to accept the important stuff left in the bill. Now the first real Trump budget will begin negotiation next October. It will be very interesting if he will get all he wants, but we will see.

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