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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
No. What happened was that Podesta clicked on some phishing link from a hacker in his underwear and allowed access to Hillary's more embarrassing exploits. To mitigate that, the Dems manufactured the idea that Russia stole the election Since the Dems project more than anyone else, it is easy to look at reality and see how they were trying to steal the election - giving questions to Hillary before debates, and sabotaging Bernie at every step. Once Trump beat Hillary, in spite of the criminality, They went to plan B, to delegitimize Trump.

The Flynn travesty was not legal. Obama had his fingerprints all over the monitoring of the Trump staff. The Deep State is not a bunch of whistle blowers - it is Obama apologists and henchmen willing to lie, cheat, and fall on their swords, when necessary. The most incriminating act was Obama telling his people inside the Intel community to spread everything to all 17 agencies, which helped camouflage the leaks

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