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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
John Nolte expresses my very thoughts on the Republican DC leadership, and just how totally worthless they really are. Here the Jackasses are in total disarray, and they are cowering in the corner, afraid to take action and actually get things done.

Useless Cowards: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Blow Historic Opportunity

Mr. Nolte Concludes:

Quote:Republicans are in possession of an almost unheard of historic opportunity, a brief moment in time when the planets have aligned and everything we ever wanted is within our grasp. The evil media is as weakened and as impotent as it's ever been. The chances of us getting another opportunity like this are almost zero. And those of us old enough to remember the Gingrich Revolution of 1995, know what is possible, for even with a Democrat president, Gingrich seized the moment and flooded the zone with our wish list.

Right now, there is nothing stopping Paul Ryan from fulfilling his promises -- other than his own unforgivable cowardice.

Right now, there is nothing stopping Mitch McConnell -- other than his own pathetic fecklessness.

Even if you are a NeverTrumper who disagrees with Trump's populist proposals and are more closely aligned with Establishment Republican ideas, riddle me this…

What good is your precious establishment if they refuse to implement those ideas -- if they are too cowardly to move, to act, to be bold, to seize history?
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