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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
The ObamaCare law cannot be simply replaced. What Trump has done so far is great. He's revoked the penalty clause. It was stupid Justice Roberts who turned the whole thing into a tax, and taxes must originate on the Hill, not the Oval office. Taking the ACA apart piece-by-piece is almost impossible., because it was designed that way on purpose.. a single line in the multi-thousand page law often changed twenty or more seperate outside documents that control other things. Fixing those things is a nightmare.

The best thing is to allow the industry to submit their own plans with just a few pages of regs. Put in no pre-conditions, the ability to stay on a family contract until a certain age, and get rid of monopoly-inducing prohibitions to crossing county and state lines. Maybe a few other things and let the Insurance companies compete.

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