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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
(09-20-2016, 03:08 PM)John L Wrote: Here's a Classic Example of just how the Dumbasses are the Jackasses best friends.  Too bad it doesn't work the other way around, aye?

7 Weeks Before Election, Republicans Help Advance Another Obama Judicial Nominee

Quote:While the Senate has entered that part of the political calendar when confirmations traditionally halt, the Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted 13-7 to advance the nomination of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  

The cadence of judicial nominations customarily follows what’s known as the Thurmond-Leahy rule. The rule, a longstanding gentleman’s agreement among senators, prohibits confirmations of new judgeships in the months before a presidential election.  
But when a RepublicanDumbass was last in the White House, Democrats demanded observation of the Thurmond rule. Insisting the rule was apolitical, they pushed to apply it before both the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections.

“Not reflecting on any single judicial nominee or that person’s qualifications,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said in October of 2004, “it has been a practice and tradition in the Senate that in a presidential election year, we suspend the approval of federal judges after the nominating convention of a major party.”

This year’s Republican Dumbass National Convention ended July 21.

This is exactly why I call them Dumbasses, and why I rue the day I was ever a member of that sorry excuse of what they call a party.  Dumbasses are still Dumbasses, and exactly why we really need a REAL 2ND Party.

Evidently, you didn't read your own link, or else you read bad intent into everything. The article prompted the idea that the GOP wanted to diffuse the Dems strategy to call them obstructionists, even though the tradition is no confirmations at all duringthe election.

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