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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Jack, I always strive for perfection, within reason of course. Its the way I am. But I know that I will almost always have to settle for something less. I am realistic, don't you know.

My designer clients around here are always on to me about my perfectionist outlook concerning the beautiful things I make, and go in their customer's homes. But while they give me a hard time forever, about being "Picky, picky, picky", they have no hesitation about embarrassing me in front of those same customers, by going on and on about how wonderful my work happens to be. Its really embarrassing, but it gives me great satisfaction knowing that while I may not be the best there is, there's no body better at what I do.

I always strive for the best possible,.....within reason. So why shouldn't I expect it from others as well? S5

As far as the Dumbasses screwing thing, that's always a distinct possibility. That's why they are Dumbasses. S6 Its not my fault that they are so inept and worthless. They need to be Whigged out.
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