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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
(12-11-2014, 10:40 PM)mr_yak Wrote: It's Thursday night ... still not sure how this will go ...

Obama is joining forces with the GOP 'establishment' to try to crap this one out ... and given given Obama's track record, this is a very good sign if you're rooting for failure. Could just be high drama ... we'll know in a few hours ...

I prefer Cronybus to CRomnibus ... they came sooooo close to an appropriate title.

I was listening to America's 'so called' Truth Detector this afternoon. And like the last couple of days, he has been going on and on about the Dumbass's cowardice and just plain determination not doing what got them such a landslide. He has nothing good to say about the DOP, yet just can't bring himself to come out and say "I'm Through with you clowns".

And so, things will stumble along, as before. Nothing will really be gained, except the Jackasses will keep eroding away at everyone's liberties. It will be the old "Two steps forward, one step back, until they finally reach their destination. And the Dumbasses will cower in the corner, afraid of their own shadow, and everyone else's.
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