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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Ron, I believe it is safe to say that Dumbasses are not far behind. This morning I was channel surfing, in the basement shop. I was trying to find something good on Science or History, but somehow my remote had Fox Business set as the alternate channel. So I wound up there, looking at the Sicilian (Maria Bartiromo) in all her warpaint. Ugh! frightening!

I was about to change channels, so as not to become ill, when the guest there came into view. It was my favorite political sex symbol, Monica Crowley, and all my haste to depart was forgotten. The interview was coming to a close, and Monica looked as the camera as she reminded everyone that this congress(i.e., The House) was keeping the funding for Obamacare in the upcoming bill, in spite of what the keep assuring the willingly duped. And she looked straight into the camera, which spoke volumes as to her own trust in her party.

Now, what were you saying about how YOUR party is going to fulfill their assurances to all their trusting, caring, and dependent herd? How much longer are you going to be willing to be a DOPer?
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