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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Everybody loves a Dumbass, right? Just as long as they are not perceived to be a threat. Everyone should know this, and especially Dumbasses like Christie. But being an 'in your face' politician that New Jersey is famous for producing, he forgot these things. His real sin was not being a card carrying Jackass, to begin with. Now suddenly the darling of practically everybody is now the up coming pariah of the political universe.

And like the saying goes, it ain't over til' the Fat Lady sings. But in this case it will be the Fat Man instead. Alan Dershowitz hit the nail on the head on NewsMax, concerning this situation.

Quote:"The governor so far has not spoken to law enforcement nor has he spoken under oath, so legally, he can lie all he wants," Dershowitz said. "He's not obliged to tell the truth. Politically, he may be obliged to tell the truth, but legally he's not.

"But once he sits down and talks to law enforcement, he has to tell the truth, otherwise he can be prosecuted for a crime.

"They have to lock in his testimony as soon as possible, before he knows what all the dominoes are, and he has to give those answers," he added. "That what the U.S. attorney's office should do now. The sooner the better."

Dershowitz's comments came after the lawyer for a former Christie appointee for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey disclosed that his client had evidence that proved the Republican governor knew early on about the lane closures that snarled traffic on the George Washington Bridge for four days last September.

This entire thing is so lame that I normally would be led to believe that both the Jackasses and the Dumbasses coordinated all this, so as to create such a Cluster Foxtrot.

But regardless, this is how Dumbasses clearly enable the Jackasses. And it is on clear display for all to see.
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