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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
On the national level, sure Boehner stinks ... but would you really want Pelosi in that post right now?? Seriously? It's crappy to have to choose between bad and worse, but I think I'd prefer to stick with bad. There's at least some salvation in what the media likes to refer to as "the war within the GOP". As if a frank discussion of the merits of a big government vs a smaller more manageable government constitutes a 'war'. I'm not thrilled at the prospect of losing national races, but at the same time, seeing some of the crusty GOP barnacles getting challenged (and occasionally unseated) in primaries is nothing but healthy ... but I still think it would be far healthier for everybody to see some of the other parties barnacles scrapped away as well.

Regarding your ridicule item above, they're trying John ... they've voted dozens of times to repeal it or parts of it. Sure if you're sitting in a bucket of shit and you manage to flick away a single turd, you're still in a bucket of shit. But realistically, at least the House is still flicking ... while the Administration and Senate are trying to find new ways to fill up the bucket. I get so pissed off at all the Dem pundits that accuse the House of "not doing it's job" and only passing bills that they know will die in the Senate. The House has actually passed budgets for the last five years ... the Senate hasn't even seen fit to release one out of committee ... and the President's last budgets got exactly ZERO votes from either Dem or Republican.

It would be absolutely great to enact term limits and some fairly harsh lobby restrictions John, zero disagreement between us on that one ... it would go a long, long way toward drying up the big teet ... but first it's going to be necessary to dislodge the party of Robert Byrd. Still low odds of doing it once they're out ... but zero odds with them still in.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken

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