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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Here's a good reason why I don't pay any attention to Coulter: Coulter On Syria: 'You Cannot Trust Democrats to Be Commander-in-Chief’.

Quote:Coulter went on to point out the hypocrisy of Democrats considering their skepticism over Sadaam Hussein's chemical attacks that were part of the reasoning behind the Iraq War in 2002:

Quote:"I’m really enjoying seeing all these liberals, the utter, utter blinding hypocrisy of them complain being this chemical weapons attack...

...This is just a political game for them,. You cannot trust Democrats with — to be commander in chief. Americans remember that when you vote for a president; they cannot take national security seriously, we do not intervene in countries to make America safer."

I wonder if she would be doing, and saying, the same thing if McDoofus had been elected in 2008, and he was preparing to bomb Syria? I wonder if Romney had been elected and was also preparing to strike Syria, would she be critical, stating the same thing?

Somehow, I doubt she would be doing anything of the sort. And that is where the ultimate hypocrisy lies.

Also, why doesn't anyone bother to call her on that?
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