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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
What regurgutation? All I've put forward are facts and history. Spin it however you want to.

What the Dems do is play to the hubris on the Right. Too many are purists at heart and would rather fight each other over being 100% what is demanded. The difference on the Left is that they don't care about the subtleties and gray areas. They will support their worst enemy if it allows their party to maintain power they can share in.

Hillary and Bill hate Obama - it's no secret, but Hillary came on board as Secretary of State for her own reasons. Bill Clinton will always give Obama the press support he needs to keep the party powerful. The reason the Right can't do what the Left gets away with is the philosophy of each side. Those on the Right who make fun of McCain and Palin are purists doing the work of Axlerod, Carville, and the rest. The Dems put up with extremes of every sort to stay in power. When the idiots say something stupid, the rest wink and nod. When one says what needs to be said to satisfy the ignorant masses, they wink and nod again, knowing what is said for public consumption is not really meant in and of itself.

The solution has always been to support the party to gain power, but change it to mirror our goals and philosophy. Acting like you can't do both is hubris.

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