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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Now, for real big enabling: check this PPP poll:

[Image: approval-1.png]

In other words, 51% of Republicans disapprove of Republican party.

If this is anywhere true (and the posts on this forum or Free Republic make me think it is), the implications are interesting... forget about Senate in 2014, House is going to revert to the Rodents and Obama will have total control in 2014-16. Last time he controlled all branches we got Obamacare.. this time it will be much worse.

The other implication is that it may be that our skepticism of GOP is now the mainstream view. Whoa!

And finally, JohnL's thesis about GOP being REALLY dead may be correct after all. 2014 is when it will be buried.
Sanders 2020


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