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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
If ever there was a perfect example of how Dumbasses enable Jackasses, this one is going to be almost impossible to beat: A Note on Romney’s Arrogant and Stupid Remarks. This Idiot wins "Dumbass of the Year", or is it "Dumbass of the Decade"?

I have never thought much of this character. And criticism is one thing, but the real stupidity and arrogance is being practiced by the one looking in the mirror upon himself. Wow!

Just for the note: was Romney a bit much in his percentages? Sure, he was including anyone receiving monies from the Feds, and that includes Social Security. But in general, the statement was right on in accuracy.

I sincerely hope Kristol 'Critter' is not going to be looking for another job this November when/if Romney is elected. What a Dumbass! And you wonder why I refuse to align myself with these 'Big Government' geniuses Bill?

I wonder if Kristol bothered reading this: Maybe Romney answer was “inelegant” only because Mother Jones didn’t disclose that part of tape was missing.
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