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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Why should I? I am not a GOP spokesman. Like I've continually said - I use logic and issues to determine my choices. Right now - that means to create a GOP majority in the Senate and put people in place that I have a chance of influencing.

And to answer you, John, Dems will not slice and dice their own party, because their strategy is to divide and conquer their opponents, not themselves. They use the "wink and nod." They will say whatever they need to do to sound good, but they all know not to take anything they say seriously. The other side talks issues, so are easily misquoted and played against one another.

Bachmann is on the intelligence committee, so she knows things she cannot say - so when she hints at something, it might be smart to give her the benefit of a doubt. She is willing to say and do things that put her into the lion's den for her idealism. Too many people apply the Joe McCarthy "Commie-bashing" investigation as a template of scandal. We now know that he was correct, and the people in government he had fingered were, in fact, KGB agents emplaced to hurt our country. The bleeding hearts ought to get their history straight before they throw it in the face of others. Bachmann does make waves - and there is always a power-struggle amongst the politicians and their staffs. Many are targets of the Tea Party, even within their own party, so target Bachmann, in return.

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