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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Let me continue with this 'little' issue within the GOP currently running through the ranks of the party. I'm talking about the Muslim Brotherhood issue and Michele Bachmann, who is suddenly the target of the mainstream Republicans. And it is beginning to go viral, which is exactly what the Jackasses, along with their allies in the Whore Media are looking for: Republicans line up to rip Michele Bachmann.

Personally, I smell a rat in all of this. And that 'rat' is the ongoing fight between the GOP establishment and the rising Tea Party/Libertarian movement within it. Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, has just published a new book entitled "Hostile Takeover" in which he advocates taking government, including the GOP, away from the DC elites and old party bulls. And my guess is that all of the Republicans, along with Bachmann, who signed the letter, are also Tea Party members.

After all, Hillary is certainly quite close to the Brotherhood, isn't she?

Here is my question: if a Democrat, or several of them, wrote such a letter, would their party publically chastise them over it? And as we all know, Democrats do this all the time. And suppose the letter really is on to something here. If the Beast's assistant really is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, shouldn't we all know about it, in light of the Brotherhood's sudden acceptance by Obama?

Perhaps Bill can give us the GOP 'establishment' point of view on all this.
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